WorldEmber 2020 Pledge

Hello everyone!
  WorldEmber is right around the corner - when did that happen?  


My plan for WorldEmber doesn't strictly revolve around what to write, but how and in what manner. 2020 has been pretty awful as far as writing productivity goes (with some exceptions), and I want to try at least at the end to try to reclaim some of that.   For that reason, my goal this WorldEmber is to establish a sustainable writing habit of at least 2000+ words every day. Hopefully more!   It will be part of my push for 2021 to ultimately, finally, write at least one novel and start shopping it around to be publish. Aim for the stars, right?
* Identify Distractions
* Find the things that inspire me to keep writing
* Continue to surround myself with awesome, supportive people (THANKS LODGE!)
* Track Progress & Experiment with writing ways to see what works
* Figure out why the slumps come and how to avoid them

Secondary Goals


Yes, there will probably be more Dark Souls and other streams while December winds on, for when people want to take a break and unwind. Maybe I can convince some people to be on Stream with me for some impromptu chats and interviews about how WorldEmberis going for them!   I don't know if I'll do any writing streams, as I'm not sure I can pull off an entertaining one, but perhaps! We'll see how it goes.


As always, one of the greatest thing about any WorldAnvil event is the community. It's very easy to get consumed by the word-count chase and bubble up in your own little world for the duration. I want to try to avoid that this year, without getting so stuck into chatting that I don't write.   Additionally and as always, I wanna try and highlight the work of others that I enjoy as best I can, and spread the love of likes/comments.


Repeat after me, 'I'm not going to burn myself out this WorldEmber'.   In my first WorldEmber (2018, how time flies), I was able to write 100k over December in a fairly breakneck pace... But it wasn't sustainable. It came back to bite me pretty hard after that.   I want to use this WorldEmber as a platform for 2021, so I'm hoping for good vibes, good people, and to put myself in a good place for next year.

WorldEmber Progress

You can see how I'm doing and follow the insanity here:  
WorldEmber 2020 Progress
Generic article | Nov 23, 2020

Keeping track of words and other things!


The Writing

I'm still thinking about exactly what I'm going to write for WorldEmber. I might fill out the cast of corporations and their shenanigans in Megacorpolis, or write some more about life behind the battle lines in NIC. Araea is my most popular world, in all its cave-y glory, and it is long overdue that I finish up its Inner Shell, where most of its people live and much of the action is. Dhanû and the adjecent region was the focus of SC2019, and it was a blast.  

My Worlds

I have quite a few, and if you like what you see there, please consider giving them a read too. I can't promise they'll have as many cavernous body-horror beasties as Araea, but they are a fun bunch. :)   Many are in various states of neglect, so expending on them for WorldEmber is another venue for me to get some words down without burning myself out on one world in particular.  


A light-hearted dystopia, set in a cyberpunk world where capitalism is pushed to it's ridiculous conclusion. All ther cyberpunk classics, but with more insanity.  
Welcome to Megacorpolis
Generic article | Jun 28, 2020

Welcome to the Megacorpolis! Greatest city in the world; run by marketing campaign and middle mangers, fueled by java and profit margins.

Necro-Industrial Complex

A grim and gritty alt-history setting, where industrial-scale necromancy runs the world's economies and fights its wars. The setting of my short story in the World Anvil Anthology!  
Welcome to the Necro-Industrial Complex
Generic article | Oct 20, 2019

Welcome to the Necro-Industrial Complex; a world that asks 'what would we truly do if Necromancy actually worked?'

Hell & Damnation Resort

A satirical setting where Humanity was invaded by the forces of Hell.. And promptly invaded back. Centered around a vacation resort, in Hell. Currently pretty blank.  
Generic article | Aug 12, 2020


A mythical fantasy world, where reincarnation is true and society has adjusted accordingly. Cruel and capracious gods, mysterious demons, and valiant heroes all walk the world.  
The World of Tensei
Geographic Location | Jan 21, 2020

Like ripples from the middle of a pond, the lands of Tensei emerge from the oceans from the Well at the center of the world.

The Scrunk

An afterlife for ideas, or limbo for concepts whose time have yet come. A mix of things that didn't quite make or might still. Currently the holding pen for a lot of goblin-related stuff!


A sci-fantasy setting in the far grim future, on a planet completely enveloped by a single space-fortress; the Wold-Cage. It's keeping people in, while keeping worse things out. Currently pretty blank.  
World-Cage Prompts
Generic article | Jun 7, 2020


A dark occult-fantasy world, where myth mingle with the modern world through the Shadow, an alternative dimension... And worse beyond. Currently pretty blank.


A world of words and stories, where a tale told is as much a force of nature as gravity, and narratives shape the world more then any science. Heavily under reconstruction (and kinda neglected)  
Welcome to Quentriandal
Generic article | Apr 4, 2019

Welcome to Quentriandal, the Dreaming-World. It is a place where story and theme shapes the world as much as gravity, where dreams made manifest live and breathe.


A space opera/fantasy set in the world at the edge of time, after time was destroyed. Time travel hijinx and paradoxical wobblywoobles aplenty. Currently pretty blank.
  There's a couple of more worlds that might make it the frontline of this fight, too. The goblins in Scrunk got very popular, so I might make an entire world based on the ideas explored in those articles... But I don't think I need any more to do, to be honest. :D   I'll fill these out as more introduction articlers come online. If anyone catches your eye and you think that'd be fun to read more about, let me know. It is always fun to hear what people think about all this insanity. :)


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Journeyman Sloqush
Sloqush the Sloqush
15 Nov, 2020 10:07

Best of luck with your writing Q, 2k words per day certainly is a tall order, but I am positive that you will manage :D   I will certainly be looking forward to the stuff you come up with, as your SummerCamp articles were some of my absolute favorites articles (especially Fancy Ben <3)   Also wow that's a lot of different worlds I didn't know you had that many :D

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15 Nov, 2020 10:26

Too many, some might argue. :D But it is nice to be able to swap around; if I ever get temporarily tired of one world, I have options   Thanks Sloq <3

24 Nov, 2020 23:08

All hail The Skrunk

15 Nov, 2020 10:39

I love the goals you’ve set for yourself, I wish you the very best during WorldEmber and I look forward to reading what you cone up with!

<3 sur toi - If you'd like to, check out my world Interarcanum!
15 Nov, 2020 21:11

Thank you! And likewise! :D

Grandmaster Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
15 Nov, 2020 11:47

I will not burn out during World Ember!!   Love your goals. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Good luck, Q!

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
17 Nov, 2020 11:42

No burning out, only wondrous creativity for all of us :D

15 Nov, 2020 12:00

I will not burn out during World Ember.   Love all your ideas, but I clearly need to look at Quentriandal more. :)

15 Nov, 2020 21:11

We will be unburnable! :D

16 Nov, 2020 01:28

WORLD CAGE WORLD CAGE WORLD CAGE   Just kidding (mostly) -- I'm just excited to see you work on what you want to work on <3 I know you'll be able to achieve your goals! Just make sure you do things in a healthy way, and take care of yourself through the process too. We're here cheering on and reading your work no matter what :D   I wish you the best of luck for the upcoming WorldEmber!!

Cathedris, the world of God-Husks and New Magic, welcomes you.
17 Nov, 2020 11:43

Same to you, buddy <3 Cathedris for life! Cheersharks unite! :D