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The University is a guild, it is called a University by those who are members to sound more important than they already are and a college by those who were suspended or left it. It is a Guild of many crafts. Most prominently are its alchemy, metalsmithing and Runic Studies departments.   The elements it has are that its members can study but are also producing items that are bought by the residents of Draurough or by others which are traded. The organisation provides bed and board, which is welcomed by those who are not as well off as other members.

Ranks and Membership

University Ranks

First, its members are initiated into a department as applicants and climb the ranks of the guild. These ranks are Applicant, Novice, Apprentice, Master and Doctor, with the Doctor rank being the most limited in number.

Membership and Admissions

Membership in this organisation is often lifelong unless expelled.


Admissions to the University are dependent on showing an affinity to the craft, through the use of tests that confirm the applicant’s critical thought. With the alchemy department, the task is to fix a problem and produce a product.


The University is located at the centre of Draurough, the capital of the island of Willinghurst Cray.

Seat of Government

The Island of Willinghurst Cray has an ethno-artisocracy, it sits within the University to govern and pass laws.


To get suspended one needs to:  
  • Steal from other members
  • Sabatoging a member’s research
  To name a few.

Getting Readmitted

When a member has been suspended, their rights to materials and equipment are also limited their access to their accommodation is also suspended. To be readmitted at the rank they were at they need to pay a sum of money. For those not well off the member will find themselves getting a job just to pay off the sum, begging or worse.   On some rare occasions, the member can be misled into a deal. In which the recipient wants something made, that something requires alchemy but is forbidden to be made, such as a trinket that is marketed as a thing that can give the wearer or bearer something when it doesn’t. Desperate, the member may go with the deal to get the sum of money. This however can be found out and results in them being resuspended.   A famous song that has been sung when they are in need of money is [1]:

Give me money
I really really really want your money
And if give me money
I will give it to the college
And I’ll be reinstated right away
Right away.


For a member to be expelled a member must do one or more of the following the following  
  • Murder
  • Produce products that are “snake oil”, (with tribunal)
To name a few.
[1]Youtube Song
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