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Wooden Matrix

Inspired by Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator Concept and Written By James Woodwright
Sitting back down, Benjamin opens a drawer to reveal a circle of 25cm diameter, with a triangular Matrix inscribed across it, with a hole where each corner of the triangles meet. Some areas have dark triangles. The areas that have mostly dark triangles don’t have holes. Finding the pin he sticks it in the centre of the Matrix.
— Description of the Wooden Matrix from The Artistocracy Chronicles, The Fallen Crown in Book 2.

  A Wooden Matrix is a tool used in the Medica, it is a maple wood circle of 25 cm in diameter. Inscribed on its surface is a hexagon which doesnt touch the sides but rather the corners of the hexagon are 1 cm from the edge. Within the hexagon are equally sized triangles that fix within the hexagon.   Each of these triangles have one of two colours stained and natural. When six of these triangles meet there may be a hole for a pin to go in. For the centre of the hexagon they are all naturally coloured and the hole has a silver ring marking the start. If there are more stained areas than natural there will be no hole and versely if there are more natural triangles there will be a hole. If the number of triangles are equal then there will be a hole. At differing points around the board and in a way that allows for the Wooden Matrix to be orintated correctly there are gold rings in the holes. These rings symbolise a potion effect or effects.   Each ingredent has its own path that it follows and adding in water will take the pin one side closer to the centre, silver ring. Going to a hole with 50% holes that are either of the two colours will lower the potion's potency. Going over a side that shares boarders with two stained triangles makes the potion currently being produced fail and the potion maker will need to start again.  

How is this helpful as a tool?

While not holding any magical properties itself, it is more of a tool of organisation and research. Each ingredient has a route that it takes on the Matrix, each gold ring is an effect. By going to each affect the potion gains effects. However some effects do not combine well without other substances, such as Crystallised Honey. Within research someone can use the Wooden Matrix to move the pin around and plan routes to make new potion effects. They can test out ideas before attempting it. With it being a tool it can be used as a way to mark where progress was in the recipe if someone had to leave during prepration.
Appears in
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 2 - 3
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
They are very common in the Medica.
52.65g (Board Only) 55g (With Pin)
25 cm Diameter 1 cm thick Disk
Base Price
5 Tusks 8 Horns
Raw materials & Components
The Wooden Matrix is made out of maple.


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