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Draurough is the most central city on Willingham Cray and is the capital city of the island.  


Since the island is an ethno-artisocracy, the only people who live that are Caucasians. Other ethnicities of human beings are of course tourists.  


The Government is run prominently at the University that is at the centre of the city in its own district. To be part of the governing body one must be of course Caucasian, be a member of the University and be a craftsperson there.  


The city is defended by a city wall along the land with a heavy guard presence along river banks which allow for trade.  

Industry And Trade

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Draurough has nine districts the most prominent and most clean is the University district located at the centre of the city.  

District A

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District B

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District C

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District D

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University District

The reason why the University District is so clean is because of the banning of horses. This keeps the district cleaner and requires less maintenance.   The only thing of note in this district is the University. The architecture of the University is neoclassical but unlike other parts of the city of Draurough, the dome of the University is not tarnished showing brown copper rather than green.  

District E

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District F

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District G

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District H

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Guilds and Factions

The Guilds of the city of Draugrough exist under one roof of the University.  


Many centuries ago the island was under siege from slavers. Fearing for their freedom those who could escape left the coastal towns for Draurough, until the solution had been solved. When this happened the higher amount of professionals in one place enabled the town of Draurough to become a city.   When it had through the use of higher defences and guard presence, the feeling toward ethnocentrism increased.  


Both of the Coastal Towns suffered from a lack of physical defence both during the day and at night. The reason why Caucasians were prized for slavery was because of their skin colour which was prized similarly to polar bear pelts. owning a Caucasian as a slave meant a showing of wealth.  

Points Of Interest

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The architectural style of Draurough is the neo-classical style. Its copper domes apart from the University‚Äôs are green from rusting.  


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Natural Resources

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