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Written by James Woodwright
A brownsmith is a metalsmith the specialises in brown metals such as brass and bronze. They are well known for making Small Tigers for home shrines and for amking larger tigers for Chapels and Temples. They also produce most items foir the Medica such as pestle and mortar and drinking vessels.   Copper is regarded as a redmetal so is not used by them, it is a Redsmith that work with copper in a smithing capacity. Although Brownsmiths might work with copper to melt down with their metals to make it more redder.



Brownsmiths need to have affimity with mixing metals and working with them. As the metals they work with are cold working metal they will require annealing, so knowlegde on this is important along with soldering metal together.

Career Progression

Carrer progression depends if the University has been established. If hasn't then the progression relies on word of mouth. Once the University has been then it is the University Marketplace that showcases the skills of brownsmiths beyond making tiger statues and statuettes.



To make items out of Brass and Bronze.



Any tools that are used in metal working that are hand tools.

Provided Services

The brownsmith makes items out of brass and bronze, namely small brass tigers for home shrines as part of The Ten Tigers relglion and making the larger shrines in temples and chapels.
Appears In
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 1 & 4
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