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The Ten Tigers

Inspired by the religion from Skyrim. Written by James Woodwright
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  The religion of Willinghurst Cray is a polytheistic religion of 10 tigers which are depicted as sleeping tigers holding something. What they are holding depends on what their domain is, a Table below goes into detail about this. Rather than calling them the god of something, they are called the tiger of something.  
Charity Ring
Crafts Cloth
Death Skull
Economics Copper Ingot
Family Bread
Justice Scales
Love Cloak
Magic Brass Cube
Nature Maple Leaf
War Fire


No one prays to all of the tigers at one time but they may do during the course of their life. Typically what is practised is to choose one or a few tigers to prey to.

The Tiger of Charity

  The Tiger Of Charity is concerned with the selfless acts of caring for others.

What Is The Tiger Holding

The Tiger of Charity is holding a ring in its paws. The ring is a politer way of depicting a foreskin. As baby boys are circumcised, mainly to separate them from the evils of the past. If the boy is born as a stillborn there is no need to circumcise the child, but they will be seen to have sinned as they have a foreskin, so the parent or parents will pray to the Tiger of Charity to ensure this sin, is removed.

Why Pray To Them

Other examples, other than still-born sons to prey for better treatment or good fortune for others.

The Tiger of Crafts

  The Tiger Of Crafts is concerned with crafts and trades, acts of producing items within the believers' trade are enough to please this tiger and wish to be better.

What Is The Tiger Holding

The Tiger of crafts is holding a piece of cloth.

Why Pray To Them

Practice a trade and produce items. Selling such items is unnecessary.

The Tiger of Death

The tiger of Death is about funeral rites. Believers pray to this tiger to wish that those who are close to them and who have died are given a better afterlife.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a human skull.

The Tiger of Economics

The Tiger of Economics is to do with mercantilism and trade.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a copper ingot, which suggests, trade. Investing in shops, trading and selling items pleases this deity.

Why Pray To Them

To have a much more successful business.

The Tiger of Family

  This tiger’s domain is to do with family and the union within it is also to with the idea of hoping your children get a good education and therefore good employment.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a bloomer. They are holding this as a symbol of come to together.  

Why Pray To Them

To wish for better or support within family situations.

The Tiger of Justice

  This tiger is to do with justice and corrective punishment in such regard as to hope that wrongdoing will be correctly punished.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a set of tipping Scales.

Why Pray To Them

To hope that a correct form of justice happens and that if a family member is in prison, they have an easier prison sentence.

The Tiger of Love

This tiger is to do with love but not in the traditional sense but in the sense of ensuring that people are open with each other.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a cloak. They are holding this to show that they are hiding the disguise people could wear to hide their intentions.

Why Pray To Them

In the hope will be open to you or that someone else will be ok with you being open to them.

The Tiger of Magic

This tiger has to do with magic such as runic studies and Programable Alchemical Apparatus. Their domain is to do with study and advancement in such.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a brass cube. The brass cube represents the programmable part of the, Programable Alchemical Apparatus, a powerful device that can speed up chemical processes.

Why Pray To Them

To have success more quickly or to have insights into your studies.

The Tiger of Nature

Nature and the natural world and the fine balance.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding a maple leaf.

Why Pray To Them

That your non-trade profession such as mining or forestry or even fishing is profitable and sustainable.

The Tiger of War

This tiger’s domain is to do with war and conflicts. These conflicts do not have to be military action a simple argument between colleagues is enough.

What Is The Tiger Holding

This tiger is holding fire. As that is what occurs during and after wars.

Why Pray To Them

That your side in the war or conflict will win and that your side will get better results.
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The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 1 - 4
Religious, Pantheon
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