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Crystallised Honey

Concept and Written by James Woodwright
Crystallised Honey is an ingredent that acts as a binder when use in potion making in the Medica. The ingredient its self is made at the Medica or when the University is established in both places. When the University is established its Marketplace is where Medica members buy ingredients for experimentation. When treating Patients the Medica will use its own plants.

Manufacturing process

The manufactoring process is as follows   Honey that is bought from the beekeepers is left in the jars. These jars are not made of glass but rather leather. That as it is not used, begins to crystalise, which is the honey itself not the sugars added as there is no added sugar to honey. Once the cryalisation happens the jar is hit with a malet breaking up honey.   The sound of the hitting gives indication of the quality of the product, if it makes a squelch sound then the peices are wipes clean with a dry cloth and broken into more pieces, it is stored in a glass jar. For the jar that is hit and is sounds like shattering then it goes straight to the glass jars.   The intention is the crystalised Honey is dry and is completely crystalised.


Without Crystallised Honey multiple potion effects would not be able to be a thing. To use the ingredent it is combined with the last ingredent to get the potion effect (See Wooden Matrix) and the next ingredient, then pouring the resulting mix into the potion being created.

Crystalised Honey by Bing AI

  Apears in
The Aristocracy Chronicles Book 3 - 4
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Crystallised Honey is highly common and used in potions that have multiple potion effects. It used as a mixture of ingredients.
Raw materials & Components
Honey from Beekeepers. When the University is setup it is the Beekeeping Trade Rroom that provides the honey through the University Marketplace. Which is the only way they can get their honey.


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