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Name By Moonflower, Concept and Written By James Woodwright, Edited by Flubb
Crayans are a group of people that live on the island of the Willinghurst Cray. The people are known for their chalky complexion and various hair colours.

Naming Traditions

Their populations are named using the Anglophone names for male and female given names. Unisex names are often used with the pronoun afterwards so it is clear who they would be talking about and reduce confusion. For example. "Do you know (name), he ..." or do you know (name), she ...".


Average technological level

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Common Dress code

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Common Customs, traditions and rituals

There are two festivals that are observed during the year. These take place during the Summer and Winter solstices. The Festival of Darkness takes place during the Summer Solstice, which is giving thanks to the light and that they will make it through the darkness. The Festival of Light takes place during the Winter Solstice, which is to give thanks for the fact the darkness is soon to be over for the lighter days.

Birth & Baptismal Rites

Spoiler for books 2 and 3
After the slave trade in which the Crayans were subjected, baby boys are circumcised to distance themselves from the evils of their historic slavers. This practice also benefited the health of the person as well.

Coming of Age Rites

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Funerary and Memorial customs

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Common Taboos

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Common Myths and Legends

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Historical figures

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Beauty Ideals

Typically men and boys have shorter hair than girls or women. Since it is the men that do the technical work, their hair is shorter so as to not get in their way and has fewer beauty ideals. While women can tie their hair back to do the same work, it is seen as frivolous. Women have longer hair in the hope to court suitable partners.    Men are physically seen to be muscular or masculine to be seen as attractive. For women, it is more the secondary feminine characteristics that are attractive to men. Personality often trumps anything physical.

Gender Ideals

Men and boys engage in occupations that require strength or that is thing orientated. Men and boys who don't have strength can take occupations that might get their stronger brethren, shamed by their peers.   Women take up delicate or more personal roles.    Children are expected to help around the family's profession but will get punished less than their adult counterparts. This includes their education including basic maths and reading and writing. Other specialist subjects other than their family's profession are often filtered through daily life.

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The Artistocracy Chronicles, Book 1 - 3


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