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University Medallion

Concept By James Woodwright Brainstorming by Sable Aradia Artwork by BingAI and Media Edits by Amy Winters-Voss
Thomas: The University Medallion is for the Medica, and would be a brass disk about 60mm wide and 3mm thick with a design on each side. This would mark them as being licensed to practise at the Medica.
Evelyn: Wouldn’t that mean as members would need to have them to?
Thomas: Yes, but we will grandfather you into the scheme.
— Thomas Explaining The University Medallion to members of the Medica
in The Artistocracy Chronicles, A New Beginning A New Hope in Book 2.

A University Medallion is an Award given to those who are in the University at the Apprentice rank and wish to leave the University and go work at the Medica, this does not stop them being a member of the University.   The Medallion is made of brass. On one side is a design of a mortar and pestle with mint leaves with rosemary and Lavender around the mortar and pestle. On the opposite, is a 10 sided polygon with three eye shapes, two going to a side and one going to a corner. The Medallion is all brass metal and has no coloured design.

Criteria And Acquiring The Medallion

Members of the Medica all have a University Medallion. To get one, a person must first join the University and study medicine and become an Apprentice. Once Apprenticed they must tell someone at the rank of a Doctor, that they wish to have a University Medallion. If one is not available then one is made, once made for the person who is awarded it. A Member of the University, then visits the Medica and shows them their Medallion, showing they want to be enrolled at the Medica. As they are not wearing the clothes of a Medica member they will then be trained in the life of a Medica member and shown the ropes and policies.   A member of the University can stay one past Apprentice to get Master Rank or even Doctor, if they have the aptitude to do so. Either way, a Medica member still has University rights, such as with use of the Library, and if required meal privileges.

Role Within The Medica

The University Medallion provides a solid and more robust way to show that a member is a qualified medical practitioner in the eyes of the University.

Lost or Theft

If the Medallion is lost or stollen then it is imedeately reported, investagtions are carried out as someone else might be saying they are a Medica member when they are not. During this period, a document is given instead to show credentials and a new medallion is made if required.


Before the University Medallion, memebers had to show aptitude in medicine, which while good, doesn't have a standard. Once the University was setup and instated the University Medallion system, a set of hard and fast rules provided, as well as allowing for a greater system of knowledge.


This is similar to the University Mark but the Mark is related to a person not to a business (See article for technicalities). Whereas the Medallion is only given as part of the Medicine Course, the University Mark relates to other trades.

University Medallion by Bing AI

Appears In
The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 2 - 3
Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Amung the members of the Medica, the University Medallion is highly common as its a sign of qualification and if carried by them as a source of pride.
60mm by 3mm
Base Price
2 Tusk
Raw materials & Components
Made of Brass


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