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University Ranks

Concept and Written by James Woodwright
At the University, a guild for trades, there are multiple ranks. These ranks are Applicant, Novice, Apprentice, Master and Doctor. These ranks are earned through either; tests or through the use of making items at the University.   When a rank increases so do the access to certain areas and knowledge of that individual. These are generally the access to certain areas of the university’s library and what the person is allowed to produce.


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The Applicant is the first rank. In this rank, they have already gone through their first test allowing them admittance to the University. After which to be promoted to the rank of Novice they need to pass their secondary test.   This Secondary Test is to make sure that they were not cheating in the first test and to benchmark the skills of the Novice.


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When they are at the rank of a novice they will have much more access to the university’s library, but will not be able to access areas for Apprentices or Masters, but they will be allowed to produce simple items at normally have simple enchantments or none.   To process they need to show attentiveness to the trade and show a level of skill, that would be used in making more complex items, for the University's Marketplace .


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At this rank, they only have one more rank to go to be able to access all areas of the Library. At this point, they are allowed to get guidance on where to progress. In this context the member of the University knows how to get into the next rank, it is the fact that the member may not have experience in certain areas that may require someone with more wisdom. A good example of this is a person of experience saying to the apprentice that certain items will sell more in other parts of the year than others.   Some members of the University will decide not to progress further. As they are contented with what they are making at their current rank or may think that the rank of a Master may have responsibilities they do not wish to have. It may also be that they are content with the areas of the library they can access.   Once a member has got to this rank, they can offically get an University Mark, for all trades apart from medicine for which case they can receive an University Medallion instead.  


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At the rank of Master, the library is fully unlocked for them. For the things that are known, there are no other things that can be produced that are not known at their rank.   They may want to do research to create new things within their trade. If one of the Doctors within their trade dies they may be able to become a doctor themselves by doing this.   At this rank, they can have a role with the University that is not just being a tradesperson. These are to be a lecturer within their trade or to be part of the government. As the government type of Willhamhurst Cray, is an ethno-artistocracy it is held at the University itself.


A tradesperson can show an interest in teaching the subject and ask for the tests to be a lecturer. These tests are typically the same as the secondary tests for an applicant but are in fact more completed, the end result is a dissertation or other long document of the trade in question.  

Apart from you missed a few commas here and there, you also spelt cartography with a capital “C” in places and others you haven’t.

Either one is fine, but be consistent.

Deana Mclaughlin talking about the work of an inspiring Lecturer.


If the master wishes to be a politician, then they can stand proof is in the fact they are tradesperson. This is because an aristocracy is a government by artisans and therefore not by merit, of the person themselves.   When a master successfully stands for office, they are on the side of the general population.


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The doctor is the highest rank and the most limited as there are only four for each trade. They become a Doctor when discover something new and one of the current Doctors retires.   Due to the nature of the government, they are automatically drafted into the other side which governs the University .
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The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 2 - 4
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