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Grand Artisan

Named by MykoVoid, Co-written by Flubb2 and Written by James Woodwright
The Grand Artisan, is the leader of an Artistocracy, a government that is run by Artisans and Trades people. The role of Grand Artisan lasts for life and their selection is out of people the rank of Doctor.


Future Assignments to Grand Artisan are only to those who are Doctors. The first Grand Artisan installed himself, through revolution from the previous government type.


Requirements to become this role beyond Thomas Roberts, the first Grand Artisan, is to have expertise in a trade, to be a Doctor, to create many advances in that trade and to be generally likable either socialably or knowledge wise. After which they need to be selected by their peers. The trade itself might have no bearing on the choice.


If there is more than one candidate that meets the Requirements then there will be a vote by the governmental room until only one candidate is left. If there is only one candidate that meets this criteria, then no preliminary vote will be required. The winning candidate will then be elevated to the position of Grand Artisan. As this position is for life a Grand Artisan cannot be removed except for misconduct (see Reasons for Removal) When the Grand Artisan is appointed there is a ceremony conducted, where they swear an oath.  
Sebastian: I, and repeat your name, serve as the Grand Artisan.
Thomas: I, Thomas, serve as the Grand Artisan.
Sebastian: I will protect the laws.
Thomas: I will protect the laws.
Sebastian: And to serve at the betterment of Willinghurst Cray.
Thomas: And to serve at the betterment of Willinghurst Cray.
Sebastian: I promise to not abuse my powers.
Thomas: I promise to not abuse my powers.
Sebastian: With either laws or in the capacity of using Marcus, captain of the guard.
Thomas: With either laws or in the capacity of using Marcus, captain, of the guard.
Sebastian: Or any other member of my court.
Thomas: Or any other member of my court.
Sebastian: The Artistocracy is in safe hands.
Thomas: The Artistocracy is in safe hands.
Sebastian: And will be into the future.
Thomas: And will be into the future.
Sebastian: Mote it be, tigers protect me.
Thomas: Mote it be, tigers protect me.
Sebastian: Good you can stop now.
Thomas taking his oath as Grand Artisan in The Artistocracy Chronicles, A New Beginning A New Hope in Book 2


The duties of the Grand Artisan would be: to make sure that those who are involved in enforcing the quality of the University Marks are doing their work properly. He would have oversight of the City Guards in all places in cases of which they overstep their boundaries. In terms of the government, the Grand Artisan would try to run the Government of Willinghurst Cray for the betterment of the people. This was to make sure that the trades weren’t getting fleeced by those who used their services and vice versa.


First, they wash and dress, after which the first Act of the day would be to talk with the advisor to the Grand Artisan to see if any outstanding Government actions need to be attended to while eating breakfast, The current Grand Artisan likes to get to work immediately. If there is anything that needs attention it will be added to that day’s schedule. Next, he will talk to the Captain of the guard regarding the Guard in the various areas to see if any actions need to be taken or if reinforcements are required. This will also be attended to. If, after consultation with the Magistrate, it is deemed a constitutional matter the Court Room must be called. If not, the Grand Artisan may act on his own. The relevant actions will be taken to make this possible.   If none of the above are required the Grand Artisan will start talking about infrastructure projects and general things to improve the lives of the people of Wilinghurst Cray. This may well involve talks with the Treasurer and With the Advisor to see if such plans are feasible. If there are any ceremonial events that need to be attended this will happen throughout the day. It should be noted that the Grand Artisan may request ceremonies, such as the giving of thanks, at the temple or other such events, if he feels they are needed. If not all meals will be delivered to his quarters as requested until it is time for the Grand Artisan to retire for the night.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The uniform of the Grand Artisan is not ostentatious. This has been a deliberate change from that of the Royal Garments worn by the previous monarchs. The uniform is a wing shirt, coloured white. Unlike the rest of the University, this is the only one of this colour. No tie is worn. A black university gown and black trousers make up the rest of the uniform. A black leather belt may be worn if required to keep up the trousers, this saves embarrassment and being arrested for indecency! Ending with black shoes kept in a tidy and acceptable condition. The Grand Artisan’s only symbol of office comes in an emblem of office worn round the neck on a specially made golden ribbon. The emblem is a ten sided polygon with three eye shapes, two going to the sides and one to a corner. The Emblem is gold and has no major ornate pieces. It has holes where to make the symbol.   While the Grand Artisan is working in his quarters on day to day matters he doesn’t wear the symbol of office. It is kept on his desk in full view. This is deemed acceptable by the members of the Court Room. However, if someone from another settlement, such as Greyharbour, is coming on official matters, the emblem will be worn. When it comes to going out beyond the Grand Artisan’s official quarters, when he is out on official business for Willinghurst Cray, the symbol will be worn. However, if he is not wearing it, this indicates he is taking personal time. This is a way of indicating he is doing stuff like shopping, or going for a drink and a meal. While he will still be attended by his guards, he would rather not be troubled by work related issues.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

  • If you are seen to demean the ranks below you and humiliate them before their peers.
  • If you are seen to disrespect the members of the court.
  • If you are seen to disrespect a person of any trade without due cause (to be determined by the magistrate).
  • Conduct unbecoming of the rank. (Eg getting drunk and picking fights).
  • Neglecting duties of the Grand Artisan to the detriment of all people of Willinghurst Cray.
  • Being a person of ill repute.
  • Losing respect in the eyes of the government.
The Procedure That Needs To Be Followed
There would be a public announcement and an investigation would take place. During this time they would still have to work but would be guarded as they work. Depending on the nature of the offence, their movement may be curtailed or they would go out under guard. If the investigation comes back with enough evidence they would be taken to trial with a random jury from the government. If the trial goes against the Grand Artisan they are dismissed (If they wish they may resign at any time. This is their choice.) After they have been stripped of the emblem of office, they will be removed and asked to leave immediately. They will be replaced by a temporary Grande Artisan who will have an emblem of office that will make their position clear. This will be made clear to the government and the public. (The temporary Grand Artisan will be chosen before the trial to allow a smooth handover if required). Their job will be to allow the running of Willinghurst Cray to continue until a new Grand Artisan can be elected when they will relinquish control.


Willinghurst Cray was originally under the rule of a monarchy under Richard III, however, there was a man who felt the King wasn’t fulfilling his position in a way that was good for the people of the Kingdom. His position allowed him to poison the King and as he had no heir this was where the monarchy ended. The man then assumed the position of Lord Protector. However, it later came to light that the then Lord Protector had killed the sitting monarch and had blamed four members of the kitchen staff for his crime and had them punished. Unfortunately, the reason for this was found out in a letter that he dropped on the floor instead of posting it where he implied that these events had taken place because of what had happened to his Nephew. Through various occurrences, the man was charged and his sentence was carried out and the age of the Grand Artisan was ushered in.

Cultural Significance

The cultural impact is taking Willinghurst Cray from a monarchy to the rule of the Grand Artisan. Although there was a role of the Lord Protector it was merely a stepping stone between the monarchy and the current way of running Willinghurst Cray. Who became Ruler depended on birth right. However, now it is a matter of a vote by government. As long as a person meets the criteria for the position they can be considered for candidacy. It can still be a person of any sex although, due to there only having been two grand artisans, there has yet to be a female Grand Artisan. Unlike the monarchs they are often seen out in public among the people and are seen as being part of the community. There has also been a big change towards working for the people of Willinghurst Cray as a whole, taking into consideration each place of habitation. Not enough time has passed under this form of leadership to say how it has impacted other cultures.
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The Artistocracy Chronicles Books 2 - 4
Nobility, Non-hereditary
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Grand Artisan
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Spoilers For Books 2 - 4
  • Thomas Roberts - Cooper - Books 2 - 3
  • Zachary Potter - Potter - Book 4