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Tale of the Witch of Purification

It's been a few days since the Deep-Sea Witch has been subjected to Sea Grave Banishment. Ever since, everything came back to normal. Thanks to that second Blue Cloud summoned by the Minister of Trade, no one remembered the whole event. If not for the enchantments given me as Chronicler, I would share everyone's fate, But that's not the point of this entry.   Ever since the incident, I've been snooping around Golvageth's Library to find any information related to theDeep-Sea Witch or the banishment. Anything that would let us know what really happened here. And why.   And I found it. In a book describing one of the first discoveries related to Southern Sea, I found a small Seeing rune hidden on one of the pages. Once activated, it revealed a story...
Chronicler of Golvageth, entry 633
The story of a certain girl...
Once, a long time ago, before any settlement has been built near the southern shore of the continent, a certain girl moved down here. Ever since childhood, she had an amazing connection with the Colors. She was a Witch. Said connection was especially strong with the positive aspect of White, the order, as she brought order and balance wherever she was. She moved down south to be able to study in peace. Wanting to bring order, she tried to find a way to counteract Oversaturation (geographic anomaly). And so she was known as the Witch of Purification.   As it turns out, not everyone wanted her to succeed. For those immune to negative effects of oversaturation and wanting to rule over countries, removing places that separated their subjects from the outside was a very bad idea. And so they planned to get rid of her.
They forged a pair of shackles they soaked in a pure Blackness. They did it for a month. Then another one. And another. They did it so long, that the shackles became completely Black. And then they went to visit the Witch of Purification.   They visited her with their spells and their weapons. And most importantly, their numbers. She held back against them as long as she could, using her knowledge to negate their attacks, to protect her little haven. Until she had no more strength.   They captured her and dragged her to the cliff above the sea.
They put the shackles on her, draining her of the last fragments of strength she had.
And they cast her into the sea. Never to see her again.  
Date of Setting
Before any part of Golvageth has been built.

One version

As of now, there is only one known version of this myth, hidden by a Seeing rune inside of the book about the Southern Sea somewhere in the collection inside the Golvageth's Library. The Witchhunt, informed about this by the Chronicler of Golvageth don't really want to risk revealing the book by searching for it, so even they know the myth only through what the Chronicler messaged them.  
Is this about the Deep-Sea Witch? Or are there really more of them locked down there?

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Cover image: Chronicler by Revyera


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29 Dec, 2020 12:13

God this is sad. I wasn't expecting something so tragic, and until now part of me didn't really understand why the Witches were being hunted and such. Now I get it. I really feel for her, and it gives a whole new dimension to the events we've been reading about.   I really love how you went about introducing the story bit by bit, its so much fun to get pulled into the world by a common narrative thread like that!

sending good vibes <3 - Author of Interarcanum and Shakiraverse
30 Dec, 2020 03:55

so the question is, did she somehow get access to some white pigment down in the depths of the sea that she used to negate the black in her chains? How long has she been down there, plotting her escape?   Have the evil witches just eliminated all the good ones with their jerkiness?