Guide to Creating and Using Categories

Categories will help you organize your world!  

What are categories

On the main page of your world, you have a table of contents. The ToC is built up of your articles that are organized under categories. You can order these categories yourself and even choose which names you want the categories to have.  

How to add categories


Fresh out of the box this is how the ToC of your world should look.  


You don't have to add categories if you don't want to. This is how it will look without categories. However, your article list will become very long if it isn't split into categories.
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These two buttons will take you to the Categories overview where you can sort your categories.  


This is the area that will pop up when you click that green hammer down in the right corner. The top category link will take you to the Create a category page right away, while the bottom will take you to the overview. We are going to visit the category overview first.  


This is the category overview. Right now we don't have anything there to move around so let's click the big pink button.
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This is the top part of the category page. Let's fill in these things and then move on. You need to name the categories but you don't have to fill in the other two if you do not want to.  


These checkmarks are below the previous boxes.  
ToC Display, If you leave the first checkbox unchecked the category will show all the articles under it without the viewer having to click on the + button on the category. If there are a category whose articles you want the viewer to see and click on right away you should keep this unchecked.
Jump to top   If this is how you want your ToC to look and you do not want to learn any more about the other boxes on this page you can click here to learn how to move categories around or click here if you want to learn how to add the articles to your categories.  


The second unchecked button will transform your category into this beautiful book on the main page, right below the description of your world.  


If you uncheck the third box, the name of the category will disappear from the box. This is nice if you have made a custom image for your books, or you just don't want the name there.
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Below the checkboxes, you will find these two boxes.  


In the box to the left, Book-style cover, you can upload the custom image for your book category. If you have already added the images you want to use to your world you will find them in the library list. Otherwise, use the browse button to find them on your computer.  


In the box to the right, Page cover, you can add headers for the category. If you click on a category while visiting a world it will take you to a page that lists all the articles in that category. This is where that header will show up.  


These are the last boxes on this page.
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Parent category. If you want this category to be inside another category this is where you will find that category.
If you have a category named "Species" you can add other categories under that, for example; Non-sapient and Sapient.
You can also do this on the Category overview page, it's simpler to do it there but it's good to know what these boxes do. We're heading to the overview after this so click here if you aren't interested in the other boxes


Position/Weight This decides where in the order this category will be. If you put 1000 on one category and 900 on another category, the category with the lowest number will be below the other.

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Default article cover, the text below this box explains it. The image you choose here will be added to the head of all articles under this category.

  The last two, access and subscriber groups are only available if you are a guild member.  
Access, here you can choose if you want your category to be public or private.   Subscriber groups can see private articles. Here you can pick which subscriber groups you want to give the privilege of being able to look at this category.
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The category overview



This is the overview, if you use the tree view you will be able to move the categories around. Place the mouse pointer on the category you want to move. The pointer will turn into a hand and you can move the category around by clicking and holding in the left mouse button.   Placing a category below and a bit to the side of another will nest that category under it. As you can see on the left image.

If you have a lot of categories you can look at them in the Alphabetic view and even search them if there is a special one you are looking for.  

Add articles to your categories


To add an article to a category you need to go to the article you want to add and click on the navigation tab.
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Scroll down a little bit on the navigation tab page and you will see this.   If you uncheck the box Show in table of contents, the article will only show up when the viewer clicks on the category in the ToC. If you check the box Emphasize in the table of contents the article name will be italicized in the ToC.  


When you click on the Category: make a selection box a list of your categories will appear. Choose the category you want the article to appear under. If you have a long list of categories you can type the name of the category and it will appear.      

Adding many articles to a category


Click on the article list and this is what you will see.
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Click the checkboxes for the articles that you want to move to a category and scroll to the bottom of the list.


Choose "Set category" in the first box and the category you want to move the articles to in the second and hit the "Make change" button.  

Editing articles


If you decide to edit your category this will have appeared to the right.   Category link, if you want to link a category this is the link you should use.
Jump to top   Category link with a custom title, this is self-explanatory. If you want to add a link to your article with a custom title this is the link you should use.   Category tablet of contents widget, this link will link all articles under that category.


Like that or like at the top of this page under the table of contents.  


Below the other part on the category page, you will find this. Quick links to the articles under this category and you can even move the articles around to change their order.
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Cover image: by Min An


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31 Dec, 2018 20:34

For some reason, it won't let me select Default Article Cover. Is there something that would prevent me from being able to click there? I can't seem to do it for any of my Categories.

31 Dec, 2018 21:17

Default cover? They automatically have the default one for the theme that you have chosen. If you want other covers you first have to upload them with the image uploader and then choose them in the "Page cover" section or click the browse button and choose them from your computer. :)

31 Dec, 2018 21:41

That's the problem, I have lots of images uploaded, but I can't select any to be the default cover for a category. I can manually set them, but that makes the articles look weird in certain areas. Maybe a screenshot will help:

31 Dec, 2018 23:42

That’s really weird. I’ll make a bug report for you.

31 Dec, 2018 23:54

Oh, so it's not something I did. Good to know, I'll file one, too.

31 Dec, 2018 23:54

(If you join the discord (you can find a link on your dashboard) you can get help with more things and file bug reports if you stumble across more of them )

1 Jan, 2019 00:29

What kind of a browser are you using? Chrome?

1 Jan, 2019 01:04


1 Jan, 2019 14:53

I just heard back - it's a Grandmaster feature.

2 Jan, 2019 05:47

Ah! Okay, that explains it. :3 thanks for keeping me updated. <3

20 Mar, 2019 12:25

"Access, here you can choose if you want your category to be public or private." Even if I set the 'access' field to 'private', I still can see it when I navigate to my article. I'm assuming that this is because I have admin privileges, and the average reader will not actually be able to see the private category. Is this correct?

21 Mar, 2019 02:09

Yep, that is correct. If you have co-owners or editors(I think, they can see private articles at least) they will also be able to see them. :)

24 Mar, 2019 14:42


24 Mar, 2019 16:53

NP! :)

14 Apr, 2019 14:30

I cant seem to get a category table of contents widget successfully showing on any article, I copy the link into the articles I want the widget to be in but it never makes a difference.

14 Apr, 2019 15:05

Weird, do you have an article where you have posted in the link, that I can take a look at?

14 Apr, 2019 15:39   Here you go, I've put it in the main prose in addition to the sidebar

15 Apr, 2019 02:35

(sorry for the late reply, been at work) Hm, it doesn't appear in the code. How many articles do you have under the category? Are you a member of the discord?

15 Apr, 2019 11:17

Hi, I'm not a member of the discord. I have 22 articles in the category, I've tried with another category with only four articles in and still no joy. I've followed the steps here and exactly as in the video example on YouTube but I have no idea why it's not working

15 Apr, 2019 16:36

Super weird and sadly I can’t help. But if you come over to the discord the developer and the rest of the staff (and the community) is over there and they should be able to help you. :) Otherwise you can mail them at [email protected] ...or write a bug report, you can find the form under “Need help?” In the footer.

16 Apr, 2019 02:39

Actually, can you maybe screencap where you have put the code?

9 Jun, 2019 03:24

Quick question: is there any way to auto sort the articles in a category i.e. based on the alphabetically order of the article name?

9 Jun, 2019 06:22

Yep, if you are on the alphabetical view you can just click on category header title...if you click on "Title" you sort them alphabetically after title. If you click "parent" it will sort them after the parents.