Guide to the Articles & Categories Manager

The Articles & Categories Manager lets you see a list of all your articles and categories, edit their configuration and vignette, as well as getting their stats (such as views and likes). It also has an advanced search mode, similar to the Explorer Mode, which searches the vignette and excerpts of all articles.  

General layout

The interface is structured in three main columns. On the left, there's the category list, statistics, and todo list; on the middle there is the search box and article list; and on the right there is the sidebar that you can use to edit each article or category individually. Click on the different parts of the following interactive image for more details:  
Athena general layout

Managing your articles

The articles of your world will appear inside boxes with a lot of information about them. Click on the different parts of the interactive image below to learn the anatomy of an article box  
Athena: Article box
  Additionally, if the article is about a character, organization, building, location, settlement, or species, you will see additional information about the article, such as current location, ethnicity, etc. In some cases, it will appear when you hover a icon next to the article name, in other cases it will appear under the article title.  

Editing an article

When you click on an article, the right column will display its information, and you can use it to edit the article's configuration, as well as its vignette contents. Click Show additional options to see all the options. This is the structure of the sidebar, included the additional options:
  • Expanded view button: this appears at the very top of the sidebar. Click it to access the vignette editor —don't forget to click the Save vignette changes if you edit anything! When you are in the expanded view, a new Quick view button will appear, which you can use to preview the article on the same page. You can see how these three interfaces look in the carousel on the right. Note how the Quick view does not have any CSS theming applied, meaning that elements such as quote boxes and article blocks don't appear like in presentation view.
  • Privacy settings: Click on the three buttons under the article title to toggle them (Published-Draft, Public-Private, WIP-Done)
  • Excerpt and tags: its contents are auto-saved.
  • Category: use the pencil button to add/change it, and the cross to remove it.
  • Subscriber group: manage the article's subscribers with the plus button.
  • Position: the bigger the number in this field, the higher the article will appear in article lists.
  • Article slug: you can change the way the URL of the article will look here (Sage+ feature).
  • Stats: from left to right, they display number of likes, word count, total views, and comments.
  • Advanced Edit, View, and Delete: both the advanced edit and view buttons will open the article's full interface. The delete button has a confirmation step, but after you have confirmed it, there's no going back!
  To quickly categorise an article, drag and drop in on a category in the left column:

athena article categorisation.gif

  Similarly, use the Arrange button to change the order in which the articles will be displayed in their category. Note that this button will only appear if you select a category in the left column.   Finally, if the article has a tag, it will also be displayed in the article's box. Click on the tag to display all articles with the same one.  

Managing categories

athena category creation and drag and drop.gif
The left column has a list of your world's categories. You can click the collapse/uncollapse buttons to dive deeper into your world's category tree.   You can use the bottom Add a new category field to quickly create a new category. If you check the Set current category as parent box, the new category will automatically be created as a sub-category of the currently-selected one (to select a category, just click on it). If you forgot to do it, you can always drag and drop categories to easily organize them, as you can see in the gif (click it to enlarge).   On top of the category list, there are three additional filters: Recent articles, Uncategorized articles, and Stubs (i.e. articles with fewer than 50 words). Clicking them will update the central list of articles according to the filter you selected.  

Editing categories

athena category edit.png
As with articles, you can click on a category to display and edit its details on the right column. These are all the options available:
  • Visibility toggle: click the padlock toggle under the category title to switch between Public and Private.
  • Excerpt: changes here will be auto-saved.
  • Position: the bigger the number, the higher will the category appear in lists.
  • Parent category: click the pencil button to set the parent category (or use the drag-and-drop system in the left column.
  • Subscriber groups: click the plus button to add subscriber groups.
  • Advanced edit and Delete: the edit button will open the full editor for the selected category. The delete button has a confirmation step, but if you confirm it there's no going back!


Where are my children articles?
To see the children articles of a given article, click on the parent article. You will see its children listed in the right panel —click on any child article to see its information on the same panel.

children articles

Tip: click on the gif to enlarge.
The guide mentions buttons that I can't see. Why?
Some features are only available to Guild members. Examples include the visibility toggle and the subscribers. If you are interested in using them, consider supporting World Anvil!
What is the difference between WIP and Done, and between Draft and Published?
WIP is a marker that adds the article to the list of work in progress articles (Done removes the article from the list). Draft articles are only viewable to you, while Published articles are visible to anyone with the proper access level (for example, you can have a published article that is private so only subscribers can see it).
  More questions will probably be added in the future. You can also ask anything in the comments section!

Other guides

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Please Login in order to comment!
21 May, 2020 12:27

Thank you! I love this new system. It’s so much faster!   Are you able to reorder children articles with this new state?

21 May, 2020 12:27

I mean system instead of state

21 May, 2020 14:51

You can't, but changing the in-category position/weight field from the "Navigation" tab of the article editing interface should do the trick, I think.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
19 Jun, 2020 17:30

How do I return to the old style category/article setup? It's very hard for me to find things with the new one.

19 Jun, 2020 20:00

Hi! The old interface is gone —it consumed a high amount of server resources, which had an impact on performance. Let me know what exactly you're trying to do, though. I can help you!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
29 Jul, 2020 08:08

Hi, not sure if this is the place for troubleshooting... But I have a category that doesn't have a title, and I cannot click on it to either rename or delete it. How do I solve this problem?

29 Jul, 2020 12:12

That's very weird since the category creation tool does not allow categories with fewer than two characters in the title. This means I can't try it for myself, so no idea, sorry! I suggest you report this as a bug using the bug tracker, this way Dimitris will see it and deal with the error.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
21 Sep, 2020 20:45

Will do, thanks!

Grandmaster RealmsDM
Richard Rouillard
2 Aug, 2020 20:52

Hi. My articles are not showing up in order under their parent articles. Despite making sure everything is correct under Linear Navigation, it's all out of order in the Parent Article page. Help! I've tried everything I can.

3 Aug, 2020 16:55

Hi! I will need some more details. Where are the articles not showing up? Do you mean in presentation view, or in the article manager? Feel free to send a link to the article too if it's public.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
28 Sep, 2020 19:52

Hello, I have the same problem. The articles don't show up in the presentation view, only the categories.

29 Sep, 2020 16:11

Hi! This might be because an article can't have both a parent article and a category. Make sure that it only has one or the other! If the article is under a category, it should display in presentation view (although only you and your subscribers will see it if it's private). If the article is under a parent article, it should display under the parent article, which in turn will display in either its category or the "uncategorized articles" section.   If it still doesn't show up, make sure that the article is not a Draft! Let me know if you still have questions :)

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
30 Sep, 2020 19:34

Thank you! This helped me :D

18 Aug, 2020 04:01

The new system is great, but I wish you could toggle whether a category actually appears in the table of contents on the world page or not. I feel like having the ability to make categories "invisible" would help streamline organizing articles behind the scenes. When I view my own world I don't want to see all of my categories under the world codex by default. Articles don't show up in world view until they're published. I just think it'd be cool if your could do the same thing with categories.

18 Aug, 2020 13:16

Feel free to add a feature request for that! You'll find the link in the help page.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
18 Aug, 2020 09:11

Would if be possible, when wieving Category, to have a "A-Z" button - perhaps to the left of "Slim Down Article List" that would alphabetically sort the articles within Category, so we dont need to drag them ?

18 Aug, 2020 13:17

Feel free to add a feature request for that! You'll find the link on the help page.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
19 Aug, 2020 17:07

Is there a single place to see ALL articles - published, draft, WIP, etc.?   I'm running into the issue where I have multiple entries for the same articles (I may have started an article (e.g., a character) a while ago and then created it anew because I forgot about the original. I'd like to see all articles in alphabetical order so I can identify duplicates and clean it up.

19 Aug, 2020 17:36

Not currently! However, you can see lists of all articles that use a specific template. You can use the "Browse articles by type" panel on the left. Hope this helps!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
24 Jan, 2021 02:52

how can you possibly not simply include all articles in the section where it is by template? it is such a pain in the bummer. i didn't organize them all into categories right away and now i have mystery articles that aren't anywhere essentially. so i have to fish them. Display all articles seems like the absolute most basic thing one would create for an article sorting system...

13 Sep, 2020 18:46

Can sub categories have their own sub categories? For example; Races -> Dragons -> Wyverns. I’ve tried doing that but it doesn’t seem to be showing on my homepage.

14 Sep, 2020 13:16

Hi! Yes, you can infinitely nest categories and they should display on the homepage. Can you tell me how you are creating and sorting these subcategories?

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
1 Oct, 2020 19:00

Just making the new category and putting the parent article in the Parent Article section, e.g. Wyverns - Dragons. Dragons is already a sub-category of Races. Does a category need an article in it before it shows? Wyverns doesn’t have any articles yet so could that not why it’s not showing?

2 Oct, 2020 16:14

Ok, I just tried it and this seems to be the way they work. I'm guessing having a sub-category is not enough, they need an article.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
25 Oct, 2020 22:06

Is it possible to adjust the layout of the World Codex so that articles in the category appear above other sub categories? For example:

  • Category: Character Creation Rules
    • Article: PC Race Options
    • Category: Races
      • Article: Race A
      • Article: Race B
    • Article: PC Class Options
    • Category: Classes
      • Article: Class A
      • Article: Class B
  Right now I can't seem to change it from this type of format:
  • Category: Character Creation Rules
    • Category: Races
      • Article: Race A
      • Article: Race B
    • Category: Classes
      • Article: Class A
      • Article: Class B
    • Article: PC Race Options
    • Article: PC Class Options

26 Oct, 2020 10:00

Hi! This is not currently possible, as weight/position values are only relative to elements of the same type.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
21 Nov, 2020 16:50

Is there a way to see where an article is mentioned elsewhere on the site?

21 Nov, 2020 18:49

Yes! Open the article in edit mode and in the right sidebar open the advanced tools. Then, click the "Referenced in..." box. After you click the button, a list of all articles that link to that one will be revealed.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
21 Nov, 2020 19:16

Hmm, I don't have a "referenced in" box... do you know why that might be?

22 Nov, 2020 14:06

If you don't see the box, that might be locked for higher Guild members because it consumes server resources!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
31 Dec, 2020 22:03

Can you move an article from one of your worlds to another?

1 Jan, 2021 11:55

Yes, from the article's editing interface. Open Advanced Tools & Options (right sidebar) and find the Special Actions panel. There should be an option to move the article to any of your other worlds. Make sure to remove the article's category or parent article before moving, as this sometimes can cause issues.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
27 Jan, 2021 00:53


25 Jan, 2021 20:05

What is the difference between WIP and Done, and between Draft and Published?
This toggle will check or uncheck the This article is in Progress and This is a Draft boxes that you can normally find next to the Save changes button on the article edit interface.
This section of the FAQ doesn't describe the actual difference between the article states - WIP is a little marker and allows the articles to show up if you go to lists and have it list your WIP articles. Done is the counter of WIP and pulls the article off from the list of WIP articles. Draft articles are hidden from other's view while you are working on the article, and Published articles are viewable articles that you can continue to edit.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
27 Jan, 2021 09:36

Good point! I've updated it. Thanks!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
27 Jan, 2021 17:03

Happy to help and thank you! It was something I've seen crop up in the help channel and thought this would be a good article for that differentiation to be made! =D

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
29 Jan, 2021 21:11

Hi, how do I remove an article from a category? I want to rearrange how my articles appear on my homepage but all I can do is add more

30 Jan, 2021 09:33

Hi! If you click an article in the article manager, you'll be able to remove the category using the panel that will appear in the right (click the "x" button next to the category name). Alternatively, you can also do it from the "Navigation" tab in the individual article edit page. Hope this helps!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
20 Mar, 2021 05:16

I'm trying to do a somewhat extensive category tree. Basically, I have the world atlas as a parent category, then my next category is continents. Then I wanted continents to have a sub category for each continent I make. When I'm using the manager, I see all of them fine. But if I use the world view, I can't see that last category. Any ideas?

25 Mar, 2021 12:31

Hi! So I checked your world codex and I see a subcategory "Eosleszara" under "Continents". Did you manage to fix the issue or do you still need help?

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
25 Mar, 2021 19:05

Yeah i did figure it out! Turns out that a category you make under another will not show in the View World if there is nothing in it. So Eosleszara shows under Continents now that it has articles and such. But the other continent i made doesnt cause there is nothing in it.

25 Mar, 2021 21:47

Good to know! Glad you could figure it out. Feel free to leave another comment if you have more questions! ^^

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
8 Jun, 2021 12:48

Is it possible to have an article's title display differently in the category listing than in the article itself? For example, let's say I wanted to have the article titled "Kingdom of Furyondy" to display as "Furyondy, Kingdom of" in my category list on the Homepage, but as "Kingdom of Furyondy" on the article itself when opened.

9 Jun, 2021 07:58

I'm afraid that's currently not possible! You can however tweak the position of the article in the list. Look for the "weight" field in the Navigation tab.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Eric Greaves
28 Jul, 2021 07:37

What I need to know, is how you can make a public article, that is not linked in the world codex navigation? I'm trying to make a bunch of articles for character bios but I don't want them all linked in the codex as it's going to get very long with all the player's characters, npc's etc. instead, I want to include an article that inside that will have brief descriptions of the groups, and what characters are in said groups and then with that link to the full bio with that info. But so far I can't find any means to make an article public and not have it get linked in some way, rather nested in a category or at the bottom. If this really can't be done, I guess we'll stick to keeping full bios on google docs and just link to those.

28 Jul, 2021 15:34

Hi! Public articles can't be hidden from the world Codex. But you can use categories to make the list neater! In this case, an option could be a "Characters" category with two sub categories: "PCs" and "NPCs". Then, add the general overview in the Characters category and the detailed bios in the proper subcategory.   Hope this helps!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
Eric Greaves
28 Jul, 2021 16:26

Yeah, we will stick to keeping all our character bios on google docs then like we have been and linking to them. Even dividing them into subcategories there will just be a lot and the world codex list will get stupid long. Between all of us as is it's over 25 active characters, not counting npc's.

2 Aug, 2021 23:53

Hi, is it possible to change the type of an article? I'm not talking about the category, but the type you can choose right at the start on the dashboard. I haven't found any way to do that yet and it would be quite a lot of work to re-write the article.

3 Aug, 2021 11:38

It's only possible to change the template from a generic article to something else, but all other templates can't be changed. That's because the system has no way of knowing where to put the template-specific fields. I'm afraid you'll have to copy-paste the old article's contents to the new one.

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
3 Aug, 2021 13:51

Thanks for the quick answer. I will just do the copy-paste then.

24 Sep, 2021 16:19

How can I change the type for a generic article? I can't find an option for it or any other information about this.

15 Sep, 2021 23:29

Is it possible to completely duplicate an article?   I'm having a lot of formatting problems (since there have been a ton of updates to World Anvil since I last was active, as well as me recently switching templates) and I don't want to lose the content of my article, I just want to try and input the information in a different way to experiment with new formatting options. Thus, I was hoping to duplicate the article so I could work on one, and still keep the other in case I really mess it up.   If this is possible in any way, I'd be grateful to know how. Thanks!

16 Sep, 2021 20:57

I'm afraid article duplication is not a feature currently!

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
16 Sep, 2021 22:56

Alas. Thanks for letting me know! Time for copy/paste heck. c':