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The War of Light and Dark

The War of Light and Dark is an ancient paegant play, established in the oral tradition of the dwarves, elves and orcs.

1411 words

Saimon, Father of Civilization

Saimon (say-mon), First of the demi-gods of the elves, the original consort of Lameravis the Ancient Voice, and Father and Founder of the Elven nation of Dryadae.

1573 words

Hyadilith the White Lady

Hyadilith, the White Lady was the first female consort of the elven god Lameravis. Her command over the elven noble houses brought Dryadae agriculture, stability and structure necessary to accomplsh Saimon's vision for the new Elven nation.

1769 words

Murdu, Lord of the Sword

Murdu, Lord of the Sword and third consort of the god Lameravis, built and led the armies of Dryadae in defense of their homeland against the orcs.

2556 words

Ancyia, Queen of Ways

Ancyia, Lady ot the Dancing Ways was a merchant queen who built and controlled a widespread empire of trade routes, monetary systems, and trade goods. Also, she was good enough in bed to command the attention of the wayward god Lameravis...

4291 words

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