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Saimon, Father of Civilization (Saul-mon)

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“He’s a demi-god Larisa. They laugh at us all the time. They’re prouder than hell itself and have attitudes to prove it. Saimon is not the worst of them, but you don't want to cross him. He's as merciless as a wild fire and twice as hot."
— Naanam

Born of Heat

  Saimon of the Desert Lands, First consort of Lameravis, was the oldest and closest demi-god to the ancient Voice. Tales say he was born a member of the Hachmi elves, a nomad tribe who inhabited the contested marginal regions in the time of the The War of Light and Dark and the calling of the peoples by the Voices. His tribe, both male and female, were fierce and capable warriors and held land against the incursion of the ferocious and desparate orcs who lived in the blinding, never ending heat of the sun. Saimon was proficient with the warrior skills of his people, and tended his family cattle herds as a young man moving them from hot dry lands to cool when he was not called to use his skills of warfare to defend their land against the orcs.  

First of the Six

  At the time of the calling, Saimon's people were amongst the first elven tribes to answer and follow the Voice of Lameravis. The ancient god admired the young man's body, mind and voice, and wasted no time in seducing him, taking him from his family to Fellalond where he planned to establish his capital. When the young Saimon proved able to sing the elves by himself and synergize and control their magic, Lameravis was fascinated, and elevated him in status and took him as his consort.  

Father of Civilization

  Saimon was young at the time of his first encounter with Lameravis, and relatively unformed. As he spent time in the courts and bed of the ancient Voice, he grew in sophistication, power, and wisdom - a trait born of necessity. Lameravis traveled frequently seeking new beauties and experiences, and he left the intelligent Saimon in charge of the governance of the elves in his absence. Saimon realized in short order that a foundation of laws and courts was required to govern the growing population of elves. His first significant acheivement was the establishment of the elven tribunals, and the elven civil criminal codes. This was followed quickly by commercial codes governing inter-tribe trade. He did not develop family codes until after the selection of Hyadilith the White Lady as second consort, when Saimon believed that he had a sufficient understanding of male - female relationships and a different perspective to consult that enabled him to create an effective and fair system of laws to be enacted.   Lameravis's absences also left Saimon in charge of the elven lands, and he became the spokesperson for the god in his absence. This was of primary concern internally, but also involved dealing with international issues including the incursion of orcs into elven lands, and constant negotiations and interactions with the haflings and gnomes whose lands bordered the Echovad Forrest . In those times, relations between dwarves and elves was more congenial, and interactions with the dwarven High Council and the Stone Throne were occasions that required special attention by the god's favored consort.   The occupation of Saimon with the care of the elven people during Lameravis's frequent absences eventually became a personal passion for him, and he realized that the elves needed a nation of their own. He declared the boundaries of the lands and people over which Lameravis held control, and named the new elven nation Dryadae.   Saimon imported dwarven engineers and learned architecture and engineering from them, appointing the most brilliant elves under his control to learning the crafts of planning, designing and building cities. He then established a plan for the development of Fellalond instituting the first public works projects, and founding the first Guild among the elven people, the Builders Guild. The city of Fellalond was designed in deference to his aesthetic sensibilities and was intended as a gift of beauty to entice Lameravis to stay in Fellalond instead of traveling to seek new experiences. Surviving songs from this period attributed to Saimon are filled with longing and an aching loneliness. The elves to this day refer to Fellalond as "Saimon's Hope" or simply "Hope".  

Singer of Power & Rise to Godhood

  The Ampitheater of Song was designed by Saimon himself and is embued with his magic. It is built to resonate and amplify sound in the frequencies of the male voice, Saimon being a natural baritone, and it acts as a collector of magic, focusing the magic for absorption by the gods who took the magic of their followers and channeled it to obey their will. It is during a concert held in the Ampitheater upon the return of Lameravis from a twenty year journey that Saimon, singing a solo in honor of his god and filled with longing and joy at his return, fully captured the magic of his people, primarily the males, and controlled and used it to create an overwhelming senual experience for his god. Entranced by this new ability in his consort, Lameravis elevated Saimon to godhood, making him a demi-god and effectively immortal.  

A Pragmatic Realist

  Eventually, Saimon realized that Lameravis's hedonistic appetite for new experiences and lovers would not be sated by any offerings in Fellalond. In addition, he found himself unable to govern the growing population of elves by himself which was the bleak reality of his existence. He had no synergy with females and was unable to tap their magic for his own use. He approached Lameravis with the proposition that Lameravis take another consort - this one female. Lameravis was doubtful, but agreed, and they began a search which ended with the elevation of Hyadilith the White Lady to the position of consort and demigod. The addition of responsible leadership allowed Saimon to leave Fellalond occasionally with Lameravis, something he ernestly desired. Saimon personally selected and approved the elevation and Ascension of Lameravis's other consorts Murdu, Lord of the Sword and Ancyia, Queen of Ways. He did not go on the journey to search for a new consort that ended with the elevation of Naanam and Larisa Elevyre to the positions of consort, but their father Rhylaf Elevyre had previously been to court, and was a follower of Saimon. It is believed amongst some scholars that Saimon recommended that Lameravis vist the town of Sunspire where Rhylaf and his family lived, and may even have known of the twins and timed the suggestion that Lameravis take a new consort to align with the appropriate maturity of the twins to be candidates for the god's attention.   Legends say that Saimon and Murdu both accompanied Lameravis on his perilous adventure to steal a branch of Elysium from under the watchful eye of Yulasta and the orcs and plant it in the Echovad Forrest. Some say the trip was instigated by Saimon as he desired to integrate the city of Fellalond into the magic and beauty of Elysium.  

Dancer with Death

  Saimon was killed, ostensibly by Larisa during the Betrayal. The Banishment of the Dark states that he was the last to die prior to Larisa's brother Naanam, and speculatively was witness to the end of Lameravis. The means of Saimon's death - how it was accomplished, and the motivation of Larisa in destroying the Five and Lameravis is unknown, though the ancient recorders of the events did not hesitate to portray the godess as evil. Regardless, Saimon was found with both of his katanas bloodied to the hilt, evidence that those who killed him paid dearly for the privilege.

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