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WorldEmber 2023

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Prose Special Category
A total of 67 entries

Something Between a Conversation and Death

Moonlight upon the Juliette Balcony

Of Earth and Dreams: The Tale of Jalen Hurst

Lecture on Going to the Afterlife

The Ballad of the Heart of Laurelson Mithrus

Travels Through My System: An Exploration of P'Ache Solar System: Introduction

Roaming the streets of Galidonia

Ephemeral Echoes: A Tale of Havenport's Enchanted Whispers

Speaking with a Vastlander: An Interview

Ditt and the Enchanted Labyrinth

"The Unraveling of Mo Darin", Chapter 1

Rather Awful Scientific Journal Entry on Redhead

Shield of Spheros Prologue and Chapter 1

Erik and Arven - The Squires of Curceon

The Accession Apparatus - Chapter 1

Assorted markings on Alior, the crafters and their works

King Felks's Official Proclamation of Crusades Against Niefl