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Tales of the Dvorovoi

Here are some “fish” tales about Dvorovoi: “One military chief was tired of living alone. He came outside in his yard and said: “Father Dvorovoi, Mother Dvorovaya, show yourselves – I’m bored here!” Then, he went back inside and laid on his bed smoking. Suddenly, the door opened, and a woman stood in the doorway: her hair was loose, her shirt had no belt on it. She came to him and said: “You better move over, I’m wet and cold.” He moved over, and she told him: “Go turn off the lights.” While he was turning the lights off, she disappeared.” (Novgorod Region, Malyshevo, 1986)

“Grandpa had a white horse, and Dvorovoi would do anything for an animal He likes, but if He doesn’t, He’d eventually kill the animal. That horse was white. Sometimes, Grandpa came into stables, and the horse already had hay. He would ask: “Dad, did you feed the horse?” “Nope.” He answered. “It wasn’t me.” Sometimes, the horse’s mane was plaited. Grandpa hid one time to see who did all that. He saw a tall man approaching the horse, giving it hay and plaiting its mane. Grandpa came home and told that Dvorovoi was feeding the horse. (Novgorod Region, Starorusski District, Vija, 1990)

“When father comes home, sometimes he finds Grandpa sleeping. Once father saw a horse saddled in the yard and someone walking with a basket. Father thought it had to be Grandpa. He came inside and found Grandpa sleeping at home. Father woke Grandpa up and said to him: “I’ve seen you in the yard just now – you were carrying hay.” They went to check in the barn and found the hay fresh, just recently brought in.” (Novgorod Region, Starorusski District, Svyatogorsha, 1990)

“If Dvorovoi likes an animal, He takes good care of it: its hair feels smooth and cold. A horse would have plaits on its mane and tail. And if He dislikes an animal, He would torment it. The animal would be all foamy and exhausted in the morning. Dvorovoi is small and hairy, all covered in fur. (Novgorod Region, Starorusski District, Vija, 1990)

Nowadays, it may be hard to believe in Dvorovoi again, especially to those of us who no longer live in a private home with a yard, but in a city apartment or a town condo instead, with the yard full of cars instead of horses and cows. However, who knows, maybe one day you will notice that animals that reside in your yard are of a predominantly one color, or the cars of a certain color tend to break down less while parked in the parking lot. That’s when the ancient legends of Dvorovoi would come to life, and perhaps you’ll remember then that private personal space that we call home is not just the space that is hidden from strangers’ eyes behind the heavy metal doors, for true home starts in our yard, our very neighborhood.

Let’s live in harmony with ourselves and our surroundings! Prepared by Olga Stanton


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