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Horribly Wrong Document on 堕天

Shapeshifting is a specialization of earth magic– shaping one’s physical being as one would shape clay. A master of such magic could reasonably twist their biology into anything they please. As we all know, the combat potential of quick and effective shapeshifting is incredible. One need only look at the numerous wartime accounts recording the feats of Daten to determine so. Between his ancillary mouths and the ability to form nigh any other biological feature, he was a catastrophic force against his enemies. Any side with a weapon capable of instantly changing its biology and fighting style would gain a tremendous advantage over any who oppose them.
As such, we have tried to train soldiers in this specialization, all of which failed. The failures ranged from broken bones on the return transformation to punctured organs to ruptured cavities. A significant amount of casualties resulted, and those that did not perish reported excruciating pain in affected areas of their bodies. A weapon incapacitated by self-inflicted injury or crippling pain is of no use, so this plan was forsaken. However, a question remains.   What exactly was Daten, and how did he develop prowess over such a precarious specialization of magic? He was undoubtedly non-human, but his features were inconsistent with any other known species. Our researchers have concluded that he was a mutated member of the Gensang species, as he had four eyes, a tail, extremely sharp teeth, and was evidently hypercarnivorous. Where he differs is in his many permanent mouths, distinct sclera, nails that attach to bone, and lack of horns. He had seven mouths; one of which was in the expected place for a mouth, three of which were on his neck and upper chest, one was on his abdomen, and one was on each palm of his hands. This departure from the traditional body plan of Gensang was the reason he could shapeshift without consequence: his biology was inherently less rigid.   How can one teach something that is genetic? By replicating the genetics. Previous iterations of genetic manipulation to create shapeshifters were unsuccessful– either the liberties taken rendered them deceased or unable to properly shift. As such, we have determined that we must imitate Daten’s biology as closely as possible to achieve a weapon with his abilities. The subject must be nearly indistinguishable from Daten– even in coloration, so the moment he enters a battlefield our enemies have the fear of a legendary figure appearing in the conflict. The only sources we possess are of questionable quality, so exact colors must be inferred. We also lack access to one fluent in written Masuge-dǎo, which most sources are written in. From what we can glean from these texts, he had red hair, grey skin, and purple eyes.   Previous experiments involved the alteration of already existing beings– both adult and juvenile. This was an utter failure, to which we returned to planning. The only way to get a physical body to accept such changes is for that being to take its first breath already possessing them. As such, we intend to alter the genetic code of the being shortly after conception. Our organization contains several Gensang that have volunteered for the honorable task of conceiving a perfect weapon for us.   Cursory alterations will include the removal of the genetic code that triggers horn development, and the change of pigmentation of the skin and eyes. More complex changes will be the addition of functional mouths in all of the previously mentioned spots. Aside from that, Daten’s internal organs are consistent with that of Gensang, so the major systems of the body will be left unaltered. There was debate as to whether or not leaving the subject unable to feel pain or discomfort, however it was quickly rejected, with studies of unnoticed necrosis being cited.   The documents following are the processes and findings of this new project.

This is effectively an introduction to Rather Awful Scientific Journal Entries on Redhead.

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Dec 13, 2023 02:50 by Morgan Biscup

Horribly wrong indeed. Oh no.   There is great story potential here.

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