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Rather Awful Scientific Journal Entry on Redhead

Day 30, Rising Fire Phase, Year 2253
Entry #595  
Subject failed final testing. It is too meek and eager to please. Additionally, it lacks the needed intimidation and prowess in combat. Its magic ability is substandard– better than other subjects, but far less than is required for our purposes. The test itself-- to change form and immediately defend against attack in under one-half of a minute-- was a failure. The transformation was incomplete and left severe damage to the subject's ribcage.   It had attempted to create an additional set of arms, but only managed little more than nubs emerging from its torso, with ribs sticking through. The attack hit the subject, and caused it to lose concentration, so the return transformation was even worse than the initial one. The malformed arms disintegrated, but left gaping holes in the subject’s abdomen. It began healing immediately afterwards, however it has grown old enough for it to not be worth working with any longer. It would likely perish in the same manner as previous subjects of mature age.   As this is the blood of members of our organization, it would not do for it to be squandered so carelessly, however it is unfit for combat. It has been transferred from combat experimentation to the entertainment district, where meekness, aesthetics, and eagerness to please are valued.   That concludes the series of experiments intending to harness the power of Daten; severe re-evaluation is needed before progressing.

Currently only contains the final journal entry, but will be expanded to contain the rest as well (eventually). This one will also be heavily edited and expanded upon. Its current rendition is more akin to a skeleton or an outline. Regardless, I hope it was alright to read.

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