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MadToxin Progress Report

Hey, how you doing. Well, I hope.
I made this, check it out, that'd be nice.

Stalwart Sentinel

A very common frigate desing

326 words

Anakrionian Defense Fleet

The Kingdom of Anakrion's defensive navy

811 words


A simple article describing methods of timekeeping and determining the date

188 words


A barren planet near the Dragon's Hoard cluster

209 words

On the Fermi Paradox

A little rant about the Fermi paradox by yours truly

432 words

Fusion power

Technology allowing fusion reactors

372 words

The Omega-Delta Disaster

The event that caused Mad and Stringer to part ways

818 words

Precursor Ring

An ancient ringworld in an extragalactic cluster

301 words

MadToxin Progress so far

3457 words 34.57% completed!

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Hi. I'm a pretty standard guy. I make largely hard science fiction stuff here, and will make a 3d-animated series based on it soontm. Don't get your hopes up for anytime soon though. It will come, in the course of... well, I'm really not at liberty to say.

Interests & Hobbies

I play a lot of video games and rather enjoy reading books. Worldbuilding, too, is something I do a fair bit, duh, and I draw a fair bit as well. I also build, paint, and play WH40k and some of the related games, as well as practice judo. I also spend somewhat too much time on the internet at times.

Favorite Movies

All time favourite: Lord of the Rings, Two Towers   Other great ones include, the Star Wars movies (specifically 1-6, naturally), the Dollars Trilogy, and probably a few others, I don't watch that many movies anymore.

Favorite TV Series

Mostly anime, not that I watch that much either. My favourite anime exclusive work, specifically, is Kill La Kill, but my favourite anime in general is probably Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I tend to read manga far more.

Favorite Books

Absolute favourite book; likely Redemption Ark, though the entire Revelation Space series is wonderful.   Other good books I like include, naturally, the LoTR trilogy and associated books, as well as the Horus Heresy series of books, especially the Siege of Terra series.   I also read a lot of manga, and my favourite one of those is Jojo's, though stuff like JJK, One Piece, One Punch Man, Kagurabachi, and the like are great.   Kill Six Billion Demons is also good, I recommend.

Favorite Games

Overall favourite game; Stellaris, no doubt, though my pick for best of all time is Half-Life 2.   I play a lot games in general, but some of my long-time favourites are Civilization 5, Space Engineers, Elden Ring and Dark Souls 1, the Doom games, Team Fortress 2, the Half-Life series, the Halo games, Kenshi, and a lot of others like the Metal Gear or Elder Scrolls games.

Latest Loved work

Temporate forest - tytuł tymczasowy

Cult of One

Ivory Lygh'ter Paranoia Parakeet Way