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Within human space, there exists two methods of timekeeping; Standard time and local time.   Standard time, solar time, or official time is the timekeeping method used for official records and the like. Essentially the modern gregorian calendar, a year has 365 days, 12 months, and so on. The time of day is based on Greenwich Mean Time, or UTC. The date at the start of the story is 4.6.2876   Local time is a broad term, relative to whatever area is considered. Ochtotne Prime, for example, has a months about 39 days long, and the year is still split into 12 months. The date on the planet would be around 2815.   Most orbital habitats and stations use standard time, as their days can be manipulated with ease to match Earth.  
"Wait, wasn't it just night on Ochtotne Prime? Why's it daytime here?" - Quaken

"Most habitats run on Greenwich (pronounced green+wich)mean time, not the local planet's one. A bit confusing at times, but ah well." - Skejon

"It's pronounced Greenwich (pronounced properly)." - Jon

"Huh." - Skejon


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