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Spring Improvement - Aftermath

Article Contents

Well, this took a lot longer than I thought it would! Because I required the new and old versions of the article to be posted... I got 18 entries, but needed to read through 36 articles (well, 30 or so, some were just screenshots). This required much more reading than I anticipated. Imagine if I got 50 Submissions instead!

I will need to plan that better next year if I run a challenge like this again. Mainly, I should be reading these articles throughout the month and keeping notes on them instead of waiting until the end. I also need to make sure to clear my schedule as far as worldbuilding goes because uh...yeah! Some of you know how I got distracted last month! But enough about that, you guys aren't reading this article for that, so let's skip ahead!

Best Article: Norah Everdin by Those2Nerds

This character is interesting and well written. The information in this article is presented in a clear manner with excellently updated CSS. There's lots of things to hover your mouse over for more information, not just standard tooltips. Pretty much every bit of it was improved in some way over the previous version. For these reasons (plus other readers clicking that like button enough times), this was the best article.

Other popular Articles

by Catoblepon

Manta Ray
Character | Jul 3, 2024

One of the seven giants, a manta ray-like creature of gargantuan proportions, drifting in space, living with the energy given by the Creator.

I thought this article was pretty good when I read it last year, but the author made a few simple improvements that pushed this article to perfection.

by Frod0_baggins

Character | Mar 30, 2024
This article is a quick read and is well written and formatted. There isn't much else to say about this water goddes other than it is definitely worth reading.

by AsterVela

Species | Jun 5, 2024
The color scheme and formatting are simple and pleasing to read, and proves you don't need to be too fancy with something to make it look good.

Most improved: Siege of Spaldei by SparkyTheSec0nd

This went from what was largely a wall of text to a well formatted article. Sections of this article was rewritten and the scale of the battle was appropriately pushed way up to account for this being the opening battle to an entire galaxy spanning war. Links to other articles were added. Quotes and Tooltips were added. Just about every little thing in this article that could be improves was improved in some way, which is why I picked it for the Most Improved Article.

Other Improved Articles

by EmilyArmstrong

Material | Mar 27, 2024
This article features a large amount of new crisp artwork to be inline with the ongoing art update over there. I actually kind of liked the original article about this silly material as it was, but the improvements made elevate it far above what it originally was.

by Blue Fairy 74

Qíȕˈbībi - Waterdragon
Species | Jun 15, 2024
Went from a wall of text to a well formatted article about puzzle loving water dragons. I like how each section has a slightly different layout, making it easy to read and the slight differences in layout also keeps the reader interested for longer.

by Thereasonwhy

The Forgotten Family
Character | Mar 10, 2024
There's artwork for each of the Sacred Three that this article describes. This Author has been on WA for about a year, but they are improving at a rapid rate. I'm looking forward to seeing where they'll be at in another year!

by Lnphysics

Flows of Magic
Physical / Metaphysical Law | May 9, 2024
Well described magic system explaining that areas of water get the most magical energy. Also, good use of placeholder images and links. (Like this article shows, even if you don't have the full picture of your world yet, you should still plan for it!)

by Solstice

Char Hand
Condition | May 19, 2024
This article went from just a few sentences to a fully described condition and is a massive improvement over the old article. And man... This is not a condition you want to have! But that's the cost of casting magic in this world!

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Winner: SparkyTheSec0nd

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Winner: Those2Nerds

How I determined the winners

Most Improved

Determining the most improved article was something I thought was going to be easy, look at the ones that were originally walls of text, and pick out the one that improved the most.

It turned out to be pretty difficult. The top 3 articles I was picking between were all so good and much improved from their previous versions. Two of them went from walls of text to well formatted articles and it was clear that they rewrote large sections. The last one went way harder on the artwork than I thought anyone was going to do with this!

Any one of them could have been my pick. I kind of, went off and did somthing else to distract from me picking a winner here, and It being a month after the unofficial challenge ended, I kind of need to pick a winner, so... yeah!

Best Article

Whichever article got the most likes during the month of March was the winner of best article. To determine this, I immediately noted the like count of articles as they were entered and compared that number to the new like count at the end of the month.

I ended up with three articles that were all within a single like of eachother. If you removed my like from two of the articles, it was a three way tie because I had read/liked one of the articles last year already so it didn't count either way.

...Damn. This one was supposed to be easy and now I'm picking between three articles here as well! I read each article at least half a dozen more times then chose a winner based on what I thought was the best looking of the three. I hope everyone agrees!


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