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High Lord Rakthumos

The last of the Tarthan High Lords, last living relic of its past and last known Grandmaster of the Necromantic Arts

High Lord Rakthumos (a.k.a. Last of the High Lords)

Begin again. Let go and be born anew.   Come to the Merkha-neshu Pyramid Complex, and be born again with glorious purpose.   All are welcome - he has even forgiven those vile renegades that assaulted him in his own home.   Leave your belongings outside the walls.   The Onyx Light will guide you.
— A message of unknown source found within roads, cities, and more in and around The Great Gyatsoshin Desert

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Overall, Rakthumos is a towering man who stands well over twice the size of normal humanoid creatures - his skin is onyx black and his body is powerful, with very visible muscle that seem healthy and alive despite his status as an undead creature. He seems to be in perfect health and is abnormally strong and durable for his seemingly humanoid appearance.   Much like Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, his exact race is not known - he appears as some kind of Human, with abnormally massive height and strangely colored skin, but even then such is not a designated sign of his race. As such, his exact physical nature and condition is something of a mystery to most all who know of him.

Body Features

Rakthumos's body is tall, massive, and mighty - despite his nature as an undead being he even seems to have visible veins beneath his solid black onyx skin that give him an incredibly realistic appearance of life, through unknown means. He has very visible and solid muscles beneath his loose robes and clothes that appear to be very real rather than the product of magic, though the extremely rare few who have seen him in person claim to have seen things "wriggling" inside of the vessels visible beneath his skin.   In fact, all these seemingly realistic bodily features that paint him as a "living" creature would have indeed made most assume him to be alive were it not for the aid of magic used on Rakthumos himself, Carvings and reliefs found on the walls of Rakthumos's Pyramid Complex that depict him as an undead, the Tarthan people themselves, and in one recorded instance Rakthumos himself(Though since he cannot speak a language any can understand, his attendants said as much).

Facial Features

His facial features are relatively unknown - as he has never been seen without his Entombment Mask on, his actual facial features are unknown, and instead have been replaced by the sight of his mask itself, the somber and gold clad visage that has become synonymous with Rakthumos himself.

Identifying Characteristics

His size is quite possibly his most identifying feature, combined with his ornate golden Entombment Mask which he wears always, as well as his dark onyx-black skin that is said to glisten and glitter like gemstones.

Physical quirks

Most notable of his physical quirks(aside from his size and onyx-black skin) is his status as an undead creature with realistic an appearance of life the likes of which no undead in memory have achieved to such perfection for any length of time - this quirk is assumed to be a unique property of his existence as a "High Lord", and possibly indicative of some secret undead state or process known only to the High Lords themselves...though many also assume him to be an advanced Rotwalker(See the sidebar on the page Sharkûl-Ishi for more info).

Special abilities

Chiefmost among all of his special abilities is his mastery over necromantic magic - Rakthumos is not only a supremely gifted magician, but he is with no exaggeration one of the most gifted necromancers in the entire known world. He exists as the only surviving creature in existence who can claim mastery over all nine levels of necromantic magic(The latter four levels of which are the stuff of myth and legend to most), and is considered a mage on the level of the most ancient and legendary of heroes that might well even surpass The Archmage Council of the Coalition of Nine.   In contrast, his nature as an undead is an oddity and special ability, but nowhere near as interesting as his mastery over magic, which understandably leads many to his complex in the hopes of learning from him...often to no avail.

Apparel & Accessories

Rakthumos is universally seen with gold jewelery, bracelets, and other adornments alongside pure white clothing around his waist and legs, as well as a white cape that flows down his back nearly to the ground while his shoulders and head are covered by his nearly solid gold Entombment Mask. He dresses altogether simply, with belts and bracelets and other accessories fancy in material but simple in make - his golden Entombment Mask is his most ostentatious item of apparel that he wears.

Specialized Equipment

Most specialized is his unique golden Entombment Mask - apparent custom of the High Lords and possible symbol of his office. Otherwise, he lacks any notable specialized equipment such as arms or armor and in fact bears much of his skin to the open air. Occasionally, he has been known to wield a golden Crook alongside a glowing obsidian orb, for purposes unknown.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Much of Rakthumos's personal history is unknown - from what little is known, he used unknown magical means to teleport his entire Pyramid Complex known as Merkha-neshu from the far distant lands of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu to the mainland of Zheng-Kitar, to the center of the Great Gyatsoshin Desert where it has sat ever since.   He has kept mostly to himself, turning away all visitors, guests, and those who otherwise turn up at the walls of his home seeking entrance or asylum - in the two or three centuries since his arrival he has kept mostly isolated during most of that time, only emerging in recent years as the Pharaonic Guard mysteriously began letting supplicants and the otherwise desperate who turned up outside the wall of his Pyramid home into the complex surrounding his Pyramid after they abandoned all clothing and belongings and begged to be let in, espousing a willingness to serve or worship if it meant being let in to the relative oasis of the Pyramid Complex.   Not long after word got out that people were being let into the complex of this "High Lord" Rakthumos which many had assumed to be abandoned or some kind of ruin, a party of adventurers known as Stormbolt that have since been decried as a rogue third party(Though many assume they were in fact an approved ruin-delving party sanctioned by the guild) assaulted the Pyramid proper, laying siege and even attacking Rakthumos himself, though they were quickly slain. This flagrant attack proved the complex was far from a ruin, as Rakthumos made his first public appearance in the skies above the complex to let the shattered bodies of the party known as Stormbolt fall to the desert below, issuing no words or commands before retreating back inside the Pyramid.   Ever since, The Rasmanthus Guild has been eager to earn an audience with High Lord Rakthumos to apologize to him for the attack, though they have had no such luck achieving such a thing - as it has always been, most all are turned away by the implacable Pharaonic Guard that stand guard at the gates of the complex, letting only the most fervent or desperate in as long as they make clear their desire to do anything, to serve, or to otherwise show deference in exchange for asylum. As well, Rakthumos has begun making occasional appearances in the complex outside his Pyramid, taking the time to interact with the slowly growing following of creatures and people who now live in the complex by his grace and benevolence...and occasionally, appearing in the skies around the complex wreaking some masterful magical spell on the complex or surrounding landscape for purposes unknown.   Yet, he remains as mysterious as ever - as he cannot speak a language that any can understand, he relies on servants and those he trusts to interpret his words into a language others can understand, while he continues to refuse audiences and requests from nearly all who approach him and his complex...

Gender Identity

Unknown, as he cannot speak a language that allows him to be understood.


Unknown, as he cannot speak a language that allows him to be understood.


His education, and how he achieved such a masterful level of skill in magic and especially necromancy are entirely unknown.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Though he can be assumed to have made great achievements and accomplishments as the carvings on the pyramid itself as well as on Bas-Reliefs, Steles, buildings and the like around the complex itself depict his many triumphs, titles, accomplishments and achievments, none are known by the public outside of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu.

Failures & Embarrassments

Unknown. Perhaps to no one's surprise, the carvings in and around the Merkha-neshu Pyramid Complex do not depict its ruler's failures.

Mental Trauma

Unknown. Many assume him fearful of whatever unknown event killed or destroyed the other High Lords or perhaps hateful of Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I for stealing the country of Tarthus from him and his kin, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

Intellectual Characteristics

Unknown, as he cannot speak a language that allows him to be understood.

Morality & Philosophy

Unknown, as he cannot speak a language that allows him to be understood.


Unknown, as he cannot speak a language that allows him to be understood.

Personality Characteristics


While his motivations are, at the current moment, entirely his own because of how naturally reclusive he is, they can be inferred from his actions and deeds since his Pyramid Complex of Merkha-neshu appeared overnight in the Great Gyatsoshin Desert.   Seemingly, Rakthumos is motivated at least in part by fear, or some deep primal need - because so little is known about the High Lords of Tarthus(Of which he is the last), it is not known what cataclysm, attack, genocide, or event occured which spelled their death or destruction - but at the least his actions have been those of a man driven to achieve some unknown goal that might well be the restoration of his High Lord brethren.   Or, perhaps, as many scholars believe, his urgency is driven largely by a desire to return to his homeland - and possibly even to get revenge on Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, who many theorize had some part in why Rakthumos fled the country so many decades ago.   Whatever the case may be, he works towards some unknown goal - he has been spotted as far east as Sakhrad, as far west as Ustana, and has been spotted on multiple occasions performing magical rituals in or around his Pyramid Complex of Merkha-neshu towards unknown ends.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

His savvies and ineptitudes moreso than even other beings of mystery are completely and wholly unknown - not enough is known about him to say with any degree of certainty.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Necromancy, Undead, Children, Sharkûl-Ishi, Prompt Responses, Second Chances, Fungus, Gemstones, The Color Black, Puzzles, ???   Dislikes: Removing his Entombment Mask, People asking to see his face, Those with biases against necromancy, Impatience, Speaking out of turn, Begging, Neutrality, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

Not enough is known about Rakthumos for his virtues to be known and codified - though dubious firsthand accounts from the incredibly rare few who have laid eyes upon him, he seems to them to be a magnanimous and gracious ruler who is polite, remembers the names of his subjects, and will even go out of his way to help those who serve him if they require something.   However, just as many reports paint him as a vile necromantic tyrant who wipes the minds of those who come to his Pyramid Complex to turn them into obedient servants to him and his unholy will, so the truth, for now, remains a mystery.

Vices & Personality flaws

Not enough is known about Rakthumos for his flaws or vices to be known and codified - he has not been seen in public enough to even be spoken of definitively either way as having a flaw or vice, making such negative aspects of his character the stuff of wild rumor and unconfirmed heresay(Neither of which are notated here).

Personality Quirks

His inability to speak a language understood by others is his largest quirk - though whether this is intentional on his part or a legitimate language barrier is unknown. Likewise, his abnormal size is a quirk of his - putting him over twice the size of a normal humanoid creature.   Finally, much like Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, he wears his magnificent Golden Entombment Mask - a massive headpiece that rests on his shoulders that covers much of his body from the shoulders up in the somber golden visage embedded on the mask. Though originally this Entombment Mask custom was believed to be something Rakthumos copied from Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, it is now believed to originate from a custom followed by the High Lords of Tarthus that Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I then adopted for reasons unknown.


As an undead being, he has no need for bodily hygiene, as he does not produce bodily waste of any kind - though rather curiously, he maintains skin and flesh despite his undead nature and shows no signs of requiring unusual maintenance to keep such flesh, confusing many as to what type of undead he exactly is that he naturally keeps his humanoid appearance.


Contacts & Relations

As the last of the Tarthan High Lords, most of his contacts and relations are most likely dead and gone, especially after his flight from the lands of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu to mainland Zheng-Kitar, where his Pyramid Complex known as Merkha-neshu somehow appeared as if by magic, appearing in a single instant in the dead of the cold desert nights.

Family Ties

As best as can be determined about him and the High Lords as a whole, it is likely that Rakthumos has no living or existing family, as it seemed customary for Tarthan High Lords to abandon their pasts, family included, when assuming the title of "High Lord".

Religious Views

Though a small cult has formed around him venerating him as a semi-divine figure, Rakthumos himself rather curiously seems to pay homage to Mokmonid, The Everdark Emperor - putting him rather at odds with his very existence as an undead creature, which Mokmonid, The Everdark Emperor thinks are unholy abominations to be put down.   Also, in addition to this worship to the Good Elemental Lord of Void, Rakthumos also decorates his Pyramid and surrounding complex with statues and symbology that seems to hearken to Sharkûl-Ishi that stand alongside similar such statues or symbols dedicated to Mokmonid, The Everdark Emperor.   However, since all such information about his religious views has been garnered from the statues, symbology, and other such structures around his pyramid and the surrounding complex, it is not entirely confirmed.

Social Aptitude

Unlike his Tarthan contemporary Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, he is not an outwardly boisterous or social person - he is a solitary existence who inspires through the atmosphere and airs he gives off rather than loud speeches to massive crowds. He prefers stoic silence over raucous speeches, and inspires the masses who follow him with action and silent, decisive movement as well as sheer, intimidating presence.


Stoic and reserved, his mannerisms are those of silence, stillness, and slow, pondering weight - he does nothing quick or hurriedly, and carries an eternally "composed" bearing that lends him an air of sophistication and intimidating presence. He does not move his limbs often when talking, and will often stare for prolonged periods of time before speaking.


His speech is slow, rich, and unnaturally deep, such that many who hear it believe it cannot come from a normal mortal throat. Many who hear him speak describe his voice as existing in such a low octave that one can hear his speech in their bones and bodies more than they can truly "hear" it with their ears.   However, rather problematically, those who have gathered around his pyramid and made contact with him have yet to understand what he says - he does not seem to speak any known language, and thus relies on attendants, magic, or gestures to indicate what he wants. Further stymieing attempts to understand him is the seeming uselessness of magic such as tongues which would normally let him be understood when faced with the strange tongue the High Lord speaks.

Wealth & Financial state

Though little about his personal wealth is known, it can be said to be a safe assumption that Rakthumos is a very wealthy individual - from the beautiful state of not only his Pyramid but the fabulous complex surrounding it, both coated in the most gorgeous Tarthan limestone and gold accents that makes both Pyramid and Complex both sparkle like gorgeous jewels in the hot desert sun.   Though Rakthumos himself is a very reclusive person, rumors abound of the abundant wealth in the vaults of his Pyramid home and of the complex surrounding it, such that one could peel gold off the walls and set themselves up for life with wealth - combined with supposed first-hand accounts that paint Rakthumos himself as a man whose skin might well be literally polished Onyx, and it is easy to see why many assume him a fabulous wealthy man.
O' yet we weep -   For the High Lords are gone;   O' yet we weep -   For the cold and empty halls;   Where no kings -   Shall ever walk again;   Four Thousand Years -   Brought to a quiet, ignoble end.
— "The Dirge of the High Lords", translated from Tarthan
Earth (Primary), Void (Secondary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Last of the High Lords, The Onyx Light(?), The Silent King, Rakthumos the Returned, Lord of the Onyx Throne, Master of the Ninth Valley, The Soulstone Smith, The Binder of Many, Keeper of the Menkhara Tablets, The Last Son of Hekha'nu, ???
His age is relatively unknown - he is believed to be at least many centuries or possibly even millennia old, but sadly little is known of the High Lords.
Circumstances of Birth
Little is known of him or the conditions of birth - as is apparently custom for the High Lords, records of his mortal life have been hidden or expunged.
Somewhere within the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu.
Current Residence
He currently resides in his personal Pyramid Complex, somehow relocated from Tarthus across the ocean to the Great Gyatsoshin Desert.
Unknown. Not visible as it is kept within his Entombment Mask.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Unnaturally Dark, like the darkest Onyx
15ft 4in (4.67 meters)
1,744 lbs (791.06 kg)
Aligned Organization

The Last Master

Though even normal mages across Zheng-Kitar spend their lives dreaming of reaching the highest tiers of magic, necromancers have long since felt the loss of high-level magic more keenly than mages of other specializations - because of the long history of oppression Necromancers have suffered over the millennia, most all spells above the 5th tier of magic have been lost to time, unrecoverable in the face of time, witch hunts, and book-burnings. Though such things may not have been done without good reason(As necromancers have historically turned to villainy more than other specialized casters), the notion of a true "Grandmaster" or "Archmage" of Necromancy has not been a reality on Zheng-KItar for a very, very long time, even as other specializations have seen prodigies and archmages rise and fall over the years.   As such, the arrival of High Lord Rakthumos onto the world stage has presented a glorious, long-forgotten opportunity for the historically oppressed, trod upon, and hated necromancers - a champion of Necromancy who not only has claimed and displayed mastery over the craft, but has displayed such a talent that puts them into the realm of legends, proved able of accessing all nine levels of necromantic spells and likely possess a vast wealth of forgotten lore and lost necromantic knowledge, all things that none have been able to do or claim for most all the history of the continent. The mere notion for many of a Necromancy Spell of the Sixth Tier, let alone of the mythical and heroic Ninth Tier, is enough for countless aspiring mages to flock from all over the continent and beyond in the hopes of furthering their mastery over necromancy...or, in many cases, learning the road to begin necromancy, drawn to necromancy itself by the simple fact of the High Lord's existence as they flock to the Pyramid Complex he calls home in the hopes of being selected as one of the High Lord's pupils...   As such, many groups of the world are abuzz at the news of the High Lord's coming - while groups such as the Umberlight Society look at the High Lord with fear, hatred, and mistrust, while organizations such as The Rasmanthus Guild do so with fear, eagerness, and a hearty desire to make peace with him. The reactions to his arrival are many, but most all agree - the mere notion of an existence who, with but a fingersnap, snuff out the lives of an entire town...is a terrifying thing indeed, and one to be wary of at all costs.


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