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Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I

The Shining Emperor who founded the nation of Tarthus-Tetsu, said to be a living emissary of the gods

Emperor Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa (a.k.a. The Black-Iron Godking)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

While his race is the stuff of wild speculation, he has been and remains in the prime of his life despite over a century of rule - leading many to believe that he is not human at all, but something far more grandiose(Or sinister, to his detractors). His body is enormous and towering, with perfectly sculpted muscle tanned perfect golden-bronze through a century or more lived in the desert. He is said to be able to exert physical power far in excess of the norm, and is even able to fly somehow with no exertion on his part.   At nighttime, his perfect body takes on a wholly different appearance - that of a man with skin like cracked obsidian, with blue light shining through the cracks in his flesh like a moon dwells inside him. He calls this his "Starform", and treats it like a natural transformation that supposedly resulted from his rebirth inside the Grand Temple of Amenheru on the day of Tarthus-Tetsu's founding.

Body Features

His body is towering, muscular, and massive - forged beneath the burning sun on a field of sand.

Facial Features

Unknown - he wears a massive, ornate burial mask he calls his "Entombment Mask" that he has not removed in front of anyone in over a century.

Identifying Characteristics

His most identifying feature is his size, standing taller than the tallest Goliath - he is over twelve feet tall, and as such has an incredible regal presence few can hope to match.   His other feature none can miss is his glorious golden Entombment Mask he wears at all times - its enormous, shining metallic form makes him incredible hard to miss.

Physical quirks

His sheer size is his most notable physical quirk - none know how or why he is blessed with it.

Special abilities

Thanks to his nature as an Oldsoul, he has the terrifying ability honed over centuries to fully control almost every form of matter on Zheng-Kitar - Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark alike all respond to his sonorous commands, and though he claims the most mastery over Light and Fire, as they are his own elemental alignments, he can use and wield them all to a moderate degree of effectiveness.

Apparel & Accessories

He wears his elaborate golden Entombment Mask at all times, alongside his traditional Tarthan raiment that covers parts of his shoulders and upper chest. He wears a large number of golden bracelets and clasps on his arms, and an incredibly flashy metallic set of platemail greaves adorned with gold and gems, with a hawk feather cape and skirt around his shoulders and waist respectively.

Specialized Equipment

He carries an enormous Khopesh, or sickle sword, that has been infused with the power of the sun and can shine as it - burning undead who lay eyes upon it and setting all others alight with holy, flaming sunlight. This khopesh is reserved for his right hand, and is dubbed "The Starsickle".   In his left hand he carries an alien machine of supernatural power dubbed "The Starcannon", said to carry the power of the moon inside of it that allows it to fire charge beams of pure moonlight at creatures, concentrated into lethal beams of energy. This legendary weapon is so potent it slices through iron, steel, adamantine, and almost all materials with terrifying ease, at a range none can fathom - it is a symbol of his rule, and one he carries on himself constantly. It's revolving chambers are said to carry concentrated 'bullets' of moonlight blessed by the stars themselves, and are said to be the counterpart to a legendary Tarthan weapon of myth dubbed "The Suncannon" - theorized to be a sibling weapon to the legendary Starcannon.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His history before he formed the country of Tarthus-Tetsu is a thing of constant discussion - Amenmeses dodges all inquires with careful poise, claiming he "died and was born again at the top of Amenheru Temple". Where he came from before, if his statements are true, or anything more than what little he has said and likely lied about are a total mystery that none are keen to solve, for all who try tend to go missing.

Gender Identity

Unknown, Likely Male



Accomplishments & Achievements

Founder of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu, Uniter of the Eldragi clans of Tarthus, Master of the Starcannon(Which none had been able to claim before in living memory)

Failures & Embarrassments


Mental Trauma


Intellectual Characteristics

He is a cunning mastermind who is as charismatic as he is manipulative - while few would think him capable of it upon first meeting, he is a cunning and long-term strategist who has outmaneuvered many opponents in his lifetime.

Morality & Philosophy

While this remains mostly unknown, he is commonly described as "Embodying the best aspects of Light and the worst aspects of Fire" - meaning that while he is out to achieve the best for his people, is outgoing, charismatic, and extroverted, he also resembles a tyrant and dictator whose will is absolute law.

Personality Characteristics


To make Tarthus-Tetsu the greatest nation in the world, no matter the cost in bodies, lives, happiness, or souls it takes to get there.   To unlock of the secrets of Tarthan Blackiron and give his people prosperity.   To Finish the Amenmesseum Sentrys, Master the Starcannon, and claim the key to the Suncannon.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

An excellent leader, marksmen, public speaker, empath, laborer, ???   Supposedly inept at magic and alchemy, though his own humble words on the matter might not be truth.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Gold, Tarthus-Tetsu, Silver, The Desert, Those who hide their intentions, Playing Tarthan Slotball, ???   Dislikes: Those who trust others easily, Those who speak their minds bluntly, Nighttime, Those who lose hope, Showing his face, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

He is an incredibly, almost supernaturally charismatic man who genuinely cares about uplifting his country at any cost - though he is sometimes cruel about the methods, he has his people's best interests at heart and convinces them of it. His vision, seeming ability to see into people's hearts and souls, and ability to see the future all have made a tactical genius and master of the long-term plan, which has greatly proven him as the first and best leader Tarthus has ever had.   Adding onto the fact that he is one of the only Oldsouls in existence - beings unbound by the elements that hold the entire world in their fingertips - and he is one of the most well-respected and well-proven men in existence.

Vices & Personality flaws

His methods and means and plans are sometimes indescribably cruel - he has brought entire populations into slavery, broken the backs of an entire city that turned its backs on him, and countless other atrocities that only a Tyrant could perform. He is vile, blackhearted, and though he may not be without remorse he has no qualms doing the worst of things to bring his people happiness.   He also has cripplingly high expectations for his people and those around him - and rumors claim he has an incredibly hard time adjusting his standards for others who do not live up to his own perfectionist philosophies, sometimes even outright torturing or flaying those who cannot adhere to his standards, though these rumors are just heresay.

Personality Quirks

He is a truly colossal man by normal standards - and no matter the circumstance, he refuses to kneel, bend, or lower his stature for anyone no matter how convenient it would be. Likewise, he does not expect nor ask those taller than him to do the same.   His face is also a point of great concern for him - he has never once shown his face to a single creature since he founded the country, and only removes the entombment mask he wears in very personal places. Many claim that if someone were to see his face, he would see to it that he strangled them to death himself.


He is a perfectionist in many things, and his hygiene is no exception - many claim he uses acid or Truefire to burn himself every morning to 'clean himself of filth'.


Contacts & Relations

Though his country was founded only recently, Amenmeses has grown intimately familiar with several powerful people - most notably the High Jarl of the Myrkese and the God-Queen of the High Lamia, Kyra Aenai - helping his gathering of contacts is his insistence on going to visit his prospective ally in person, each time arriving with such an obscene amount of wealth that his cavalcade of elephants, caravans, wagons, and landboats filled to bursting with gold, gems, and silver are said to block out the land from horizon to horizon.   This willingness to expose himself to danger, his infinite confidence and generosity to fellow rulers, and his powerful and charismatic personality have earned him a vast network of supporters and allies that extend far outside his home nation of Tarthus-Tetsu.   He is also known to be one of the most famous and well-known high-ranking patrons and possibly members of Cynebald the Unseen's church, whom he employs as his country's secret police.

Family Ties

Unknown. His past before he was 'born again' atop The Grand Temple of Amenheru is an absolute mystery that he shrugs off questions about with graceful poise - and one that is known to cause those who look into it to go missing.   The only familial connection he is known to have is his daughter Tahirah Ra-Sek Shakanasa, whom he created from a massive pool of liquid precious metals atop the Grand Temple of Amenheru in a ritual to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of his rule. Quite literally made from solid platinum, gold, silver, and more, she is worth more than the countries of Mainland Zheng-Kitar and is frequently known to weep tears of liquid gold, bleed platinum, wield nails of pure silver, and more - though the exact means by which Amenmeses summoned her are still unknown and much discussed.

Religious Views

He, at the least, is a patron of Cynebald the Unseen as he has comissioned his church to operate as his country's secret police, but otherwise his religious views are unknown. He does not worship himself, nor does he spread or shoot down those who attempt to do so - he seems indifferent to it and ignores it.

Social Aptitude

Despite the fact his face has never been seen since he founded Tarthus-Tetsu and he donned his entombment headdress to symbolize his devotion to his country, Amenmeses is a man of overflowing charisma and infectious energy, such that his laughter rings loudly throughout the streets of his city and country, his voice carries far, and his emotions run hot and his soul burns bright. He is a man many cannot help but follow, and to the previously hopeless Tarthans who had lost all hope and accepted their fate as a people who would be consumed by their desert homeland, he is nothing short of a glorious golden god, come to restore them to their ancient glory and beyond.   He is said to be genuine and down-to-earth, and so in touch with the emotions of others many assume him to be reading minds and souls - each of his words is said to strike as precise as a scalpel, and he seems to know almost everything about those he meets, claiming "There are few the sun and stars do not speak to me about". As such, he is said to be able to break others down or build them up as easily as a baker can make bread, and is a terrifyingly potent public speaker such that he notoriously matched Kyra Aenai in a public speaking debate, proving that he was a match for a High Lamia's overwhelming racial power with his mere charisma and force of personality.   Finally, his advice is the stuff of legend - there has been no issue that people have not come to him to seek advice on from lands both near and far that he has not been able to give advice on, such that it earned him his title as "The Tarthan Oracle". Even when he makes horrible decisions such as to enslave entire populations for the betterment of the nation, so talented with speaking is he that he can convince the very slaves themselves that their path is a righteous one.


He is known to have grandiose, sweeping gestures - and combined with his enormous height, he is a figure of impressive stature that is literally larger than life. He is glorious, resplendent, and beautiful in manners and speech, and though he always retains his stature of nobility he always somehow appears at the same level as others.


Osmantha the Indomitable

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I



Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I

Best Friend (Vital)

Towards Osmantha the Indomitable




In a relationship none could possibly have forseen and few even still actually believe it, the rather plain and normal Osmantha(As she is seen as now) is known to be incredibly close friends with the ruler of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu, Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I.   Their relationship's specifics as well as how exactly they both became acquainted is unknown, as the two are as close to polar opposites as one can find in the world - but even moreso than the relationship between Kyra Aenai and Amenmeses, the two are incredibly close, and make frequent journies to each others' homelands at least once every couple or few months. They have been observed hugging, ribbing each other in good-natured ways, and seem familiar from a time even back when Osmantha was an evil demoness of destruction.

Shou Ozawa

Person of Interest (Important)

Towards Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I



Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I

Future Target (Important)

Towards Shou Ozawa




Though they have never met, Shou has expressed an interest in finding a way to traverse the Liuwang Ocean to meet the god-king of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu for himself, that he might one day engage him in battle and determine his worth.

Wealth & Financial state

As master of the rich, rich land of Tarthus, Amenmeses is one of the wealthiest living creatures on the entire continent - his wealth is immeasurable, such that he had his entire castle, better known to the world as the titanic temple complex known as "Suncradle Temple", built out of Tarthan black-iron, and coated top to bottom and in every nook and cranny with pure gold, silver, and ivory. Even after this enormously expensive feat, his vaults still are said to have mountains of liquid and solid gold, such that he has on several occasions gotten smaller countries from the mainland out of bankruptcy with loans of enormous amounts of money - most notably The Danzou Theocracy.   And with an entire caste of Alchemists said to be able to convert iron and lead into gold, The Emperor of Tarthus is not likely to run out of wealth before the heat-death of the universe.
Light, Fire(Both Primary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Black-iron Godking, The Founder, The Great Oldsoul, The Living Saint, Amenheru's Ascendant, Master of the Starcannon, The Eternal Entombed, Amenmeses the first, Lord of the Blackiron Valley, The Tarthan Oracle
Date of Birth
His 'birth date' has become synonymous with the day he founded Tarthus-Tetsu. His real age and birthdate are unknown.
Year of Birth
4437 ASK 126 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
His true birth is unknown - but his "birth" as it is known was when he stood atop the Grand Temple of Amenheru and claimed all of Tarthus as his lands.
Circumstances of Death
He has not died, but claims he 'died and was born anew' atop the Grand Temple of Amenheru, when he founded the nation of Tarthus.
He often speaks of the Grand Temple of Amenheru as 'his illuminated cradle', but his place of actual birth is unknown.
Current Residence
He usually dwells at the top of Suncradle Temple that sits in the center of his capital city of Tarthus.
Solid, Glowing Gold
Unknown. He always wears a full headpiece that hides him from the shoulders up.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Tanned and Dark / Black and Cracked like Obsidian
12 ft (3.65m)
450lbs of solid muscle (204.11kg) when unadorned.
Quotes & Catchphrases
One cannot know the limits of the stars until you crack the sky asunder.
It is a broken thing. I had hoped to convince it to head here, to Tarthus - but it will not. Not ever. It is a prisoner in every way imaginable - ways not even I can destroy. Pity it.
— Spoken after meeting and speaking with The Wanderer

Family Tree



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