The Edicts of the Dead

The Edicts handed down for millennia in the lands of Tarthus that govern the practice of Necromancy


Originally written by the Tarthan High Lords in a time so unfathomably ancient that even the act of fathoming its creation well over 8,000 years prior to the modern day stretches the limits of mortal understanding, the Edicts of the Dead were carved onto the side of the first Pyramid Palace of the High Lords in a place where all the public could see, massively emblazoned in stone as edicts from the mighty demigods of Undeath themselves - rules which were set in stone to guide the formation and pursuit of the Necromantic Arts.   Though whatever true intentions the High Lords of Tarthus had when they created the Edicts so long ago was never truly known, common theories hold that they were created to guide the Tarthan people in their pursuit of Necromancy and all of its related studies - to give them ground rules and bylines with which to abide by so that the dominion of the High Lords would never fall victim to the hatreds and biases the rest of the continent would fall victim to.   By establishing these ground rules, it is thought, the High Lords of Tarthus in the days of yore ensured that the study and practice of the Necromantic Arts could continue relatively unabated well into the modern day by establishing rules rather than simply outright ignoring or outlawing the Necromantic Arts, as The Spirit Kings themselves and/or those that followed them after the Advent of the Spirit Kings were believed to have done - leaving those in the modern day to make their own assumptions about Necromancy in lieu of having surviving commandments from on high.

Document Structure

Publication Status

In perhaps the oldest standing monument left on the face of Zheng-Kitar that survived the Age of Desolation and the atrocities that led up to the Advent of the Spirit Kings, the Edicts of the Dead are preserved in their original format in a titanic stone wall that now stands in the town square of the capital city of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu that was once a portion of the wall of the palace of the High Lords of Tarthus, carved into the massive wall with chisel and hammer in ancient Tarthan.   However, for posterity, they are also written in the actual legal books of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu.

Legal status

Though originally written well over 8,000 years ago, the Edicts of the Dead have been enforced by the ruler of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu ever since their originally inception - even after the disappearance of the High Lords who originally wrote them and the ascension of Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I to the throne of the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu, these ancient Bylaws have remained an honored and well-respected establishment of Tarthan law ever since their inception.

Historical Details


Ever since its creation, the Edicts of the Dead have governed the practice and study of the Necromantic Arts in Tarthus for almost 10,000 years - shaping and helping guide all those who would pursue a mastery of Necromancy in doing so in a way that is both ethical and moral, but also allows for freedom in the art's pursuit.   Though many do not truly appreciate the impact of the Edicts, it is little exaggeration to say that their implementation saved Necromancy as a whole from being stamped out and eliminated long ago - for it is through their influence and by abiding their laws that Necromancers in the Kingdom of Tarthus-Tetsu have come to enjoy such a high public standing.


In truth, much of the history of the Edicts have been lost to time, as they were first set in stone over 8,000 years prior to the modern day by the High Lords of Tarthus who once ruled its sands - and with the disappearance of those very same High Lords when Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I took power, it is little wonder that much of their history has been lost.   If any yet recall such a time, it would only be High Lord Rakthumos - who is believed to be one of the original creators of the Edicts...though, if this is true, would place the mysterious Lord as being well over 8,000 years old.

Public Reaction

The Tarthan people have ever held the Edicts close to their hearts - they treasure them as a cultural touchstone of their people, and hold them in incredibly high regard.
Manuscript, Magical (Tome/Scroll)
Authoring Date
4382 BSK
Ratification Date
4382 BSK
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