Tarthan Blackiron

The blackened supermetal found in the sands of Tarthus

Mechanical Benefits

HP/inch 40   Hardness 15   Special: Weapons or armors fashioned from Tarthan Blackiron are always masterwork items as well; the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.   For Weapons: During the daytime hours, a weapon made of Tarthan Blackiron deals deals an extra 1d6 points of fire damage. At night, this becomes 1d6 cold.   For Armor: During the daytime hours, armor made of Tarthan Blackiron gives protection from hot environments as per Endure Elements and gives a variable amount of Fire Resist (3 for Light, 5 for Medium, 7 for Heavy) that stacks with existing resistance. At nighttime, it gives protection from Cold Environments instead and Cold Resist of the same amounts that stacks with existing resistance.   For Objects: Objects and buildings made of Tarthan Blackiron are incredibly resistant to the elements - especially hot and cold weather. They are almost entirely immune to being weathered over time, and last much longer than normal when left standing.


Ammunition: +60 gp per missile   Light armor: +1,000 gp   Medium armor: +2,000 gp   Heavy armor: +4,000 gp   Weapon: +2,000 gp   Objects: 20gp / lb  


Material Characteristics

Tarthan Blackiron has most of its characteristics in common with normal iron - aside from its glossy black texture.

Physical & Chemical Properties

The only unique properties of Tarthan Blackiron vary between Day and Night - during Daytime, it seems to crack and glow from within with an orangish-red glow as it adopts a fiery heat similar to the hot desert sun. In contrast, at night, it seems to mend itself and give off a pale blue glow similar to purest moonlight and adopts the properties of freezing desert nights.

Geology & Geography

Tarthan Blackiron is found exclusively within the island desert nation of Tarthus - typically buried within the desert dunes there in ancient ruins and in old ore veins.

Origin & Source

None are sure where exactly Tarthan Blackiron originates from - somehow only the deserts of Tarthus can produce it, leading many Tarthan scholars to believe that it was either an ancient metal uncovered by ancient Tarthans, or normal iron warped over centuries by the necrotic energies that lurk beneath Tarthus's sands.

Life & Expiration

Tarthan Blackiron is notorious for being almost wholly immune to the trappings of time - it is almost immune to the elements and weathering, and will stand for a thousand years or more if left untouched.

History & Usage


Much of the history of Tarthan Blackiron lies buried in the sands of Tarthus, along that of the Tarthan people. It is a metal that has been used in their buildings, arms, and armor since ancient times - and can even now been seen in their pyramids, ancient ruins, and current military gear. It been a status symbol of their military and Pharaonic Guard since time immemorial and in recent years, thanks to veins and massive stockpiles uncovered thanks to the construction efforts of the enormous marvel known as the Amenmesseum Sentrys by Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, it has become commonplace enough to be used in the dwellings of well-off common folk.


It is said to have been discovered by the ancient High Lords of Tarthus, in the days of yore before even the times of the Pharaohs - and christened as an evil metal associated with death and necromancy. Originally, it was sealed away and destroyed wherever it was found, but that has stopped in recent years.

Everyday use

It is more commonly used in the construction of Tarthan buildings that the people of Tarthus want to last many lifetimes - most commonly the burial buildings of the High Lords and Pharaohs of the past, and on the wondrous marvels built and that are being built.   It is also a staple in their military, though in ancient times was reserved solely for the Pharaonic Guard - the royal guards of the Tarthan rulers.

Cultural Significance and Usage

It has a deep significance to the Tarthan people, who commonly believe it to be the solidified spirits of their honored dead - a gift left behind by past generations for the future ones. They treat it with great reverence and honor its protection as the protection of their ancestors.


The methods of refining Tarthan Blackore into Blackiron are fairly well-known by Tarthans, but are not generally told to outsiders. A common Tarthan myth holds that it cannot be refined outside of the sands of Tarthus - and that trying would be inviting death upon one's entire household.


Trade & Market

Tarthan Blackiron can be found in almost any market in Tarthus-Tetsu, but is only sold in especially large cities or on specialty markets elsewhere.


Much like iron, it requires no special storage means.


Moderately pricey
Common in Tarthus, Somewhat Rare outside it
Black(Lit red during the day, lit blue at night)
Melting / Freezing Point
Slightly higher/lower than iron
As Iron
Common State


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