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Bounty Hunters are a social class amongst the Saevin who willingly ostracize themselves from larger society in order to hunt down those that interrupt the generally lawful flow of their civilization. Though they can be found all over Vyril, the Saevin as a whole have their own code of conduct they are expected to adhere to. When one aggregiously steps out of place, a Hunter is sent after them. Death is a very serious punishment and the Hunters are the only ones authorized to be executioner amongst the Saevin. As such, they make themselves immediately recognizable. Though it might not be immediately obvious to other cultures, their clothing and entire demeanor set them apart from their breathren.


The various material components are both rare, in terms of the krersel fleece, and expensive, such as the gold thread. While there may be nobles who can, and do, wear both of these things together, none of them will in the style of the Hunters. Both because of the understated nature of the Hunter's attire and the desire to set themselves apart from all others.


  • Black, treated leather overcoat with cross studded patterning. Vibrant, blood red silk interior lining.
  • Black cloth cloak of krersel fleece with gold threaded, elaborate embroidery of the sun along the hem.
  • Knee high, well kept leather boots. Matching leather gloves.
  • Weapon of choice on display.
by HeroForge


It is as much a badge of office as much a declaration of their role in society. They answer only to the Bishops of the Church and to the Immortal Sun.
Red Blanket by Marc Feldmann
by Nikita Buida
More Fabrics by Michèle Boyer


Tailoring by Lara Gonzalo

Obtaining the materials to make the components of the Hounter's uniform is a lengthy process, even for the eternal saevin, and investment. As such, Hunters are generally well-to-do Saevin of name and talent, taking up the occupation in service to the Immortal Sun. While there is a guard force in various Saevin Ports and Cities under Captain's employ, the Hunters are the only authority that go beyond those individualistic boundaries and are recognized across the entirety of Vyril by all Saevin. Though self-appointed through the acquisition and investment into their uniform, it is the Bishops of the Immortal Sun that grant them their god's approval to take up their weapon and begin their hunt.  

The Call

Not every noble Saevin wants to be a Hunter. In fact, most don't. It's a life of travel and risk, of forgoing creature comforts and suspending their accounts and riches. The few that do usually have very personal reasons. To right a wrong, to seek divine approval, to bring order to the world. Or because they are bored. Whatever the reason, only those with the most lawful of intentions will be blessed by the Immortal Sun.


In a world of luxury and the eternal, to many non-saevin the Hunters either don't stand out or look like well to do travelors. The Saevin all share a similar gothic, victorian era style, never age, and are generally a clean, well kept, lawful, and neat people. Even the rogues and pirates of the populace are jokingly called Princes of the Sea by other pirates because they look too nice to be smuggling and pirating about. Their ships are too orderly, their crew too obedient. That does not mean the saevin are nice, only that they hold one another to a standard they don't expect any other race to be able to achieve. Even their criminals have appearance standards - otherwise no saevin would give them the time of day. Appearances are incredibly important to Saevin.   Thus, it is the small things that stick out to them and set the Bounty Hunters apart just as it would be the small things that set a pirate seperate from a naval Captain.   The Hunter's attire is specific. The fabric used, the embroidery of the sun, the threading used in the embroidery, the red silk lining, and the studded leather patterning are all apart of that appeareance. It is not meant to be a uniform noticable by other races, but a delcaration to the Saevin as that is who they are generally the Hunters of.

by Peter H
by Ramon Perucho
Varrisa had met Alina by chance in Sanguine Port. She'd turned in a couried message to the slender, pale, fine boned woman in a floor length black coat. Playing the messenger to someone that exuded calm, in a tavern that was decidedly not. No one bothered her, though, and in turn no one bothered Varrisa. Clean, neat nails had plucked the letter from her hands and skimmed the parchment quickly before Alina had sent her on her way with a simple message in return. An affirmative.   When she'd asked about the woman later on, she'd been told that the Saevin woman was a bounty hunter who lived in the Wastes. She only came into Port for work and only when there was someone worth hunting.


Though Bounty Hunters can, and do, take work for targets that are not saevin, they were initially created to police their own. Born of the Church and blessed by the Bishops from the very beginning, the uniform evolved rather quickly in the appearance due to three particular saevin. They needed both a way to stand out while being able to travel and be functional. One insisted on the gold threading and intricate embroideray, both in homage to the Immortal Sun, and because such thread is rare. Another insisted on the krersel fleece because of it's versitility for travel, and only the wealthiest of saevin could afford to use it for such a seemingly mundane endeavor. The last added the leather coat - seperate from the cloak so the embroidery would not be on it - and the red interior lining specifically because of their relation to blood. Potentially overstated given their meals of choice, but it is a bright, vibrant color that is both unmistakable while still stylishly expensive.

Cover image: Mandala Lace Fabric by Flavia Minnone


Author's Notes

An attempt at a subtle uniform for a subtle peoples. Or partially subtle people. Hopefully this all makes sense.

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