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R.M. Archer
R.M. Archer

Member Since: 12 May, 2018


I'm a novelist and occasional Dungeons & Dragons DM, and I've been worldbuilding for ten years. My first fantasy realm was "Taravina," followed by a Legend of Zelda fanfiction that drew more from my imagination than from the source material, and those grew into the entire system of Aleruus as I began tying all of my fantasy worlds into one. The version of Aleruus that you'll see here is not the original, as I'm rebuilding the whole system so it reflects my current writing skill rather than my seven-year-old self's writing skill, but each country holds to its original roots, whatever those may be.   Esleon is a future version of Earth. The primary setting I explore is Concordia, the future U.S., but I also have bits of future England (Thesbia) and future Russia (currently unnamed).   Kersir is a much younger world, only about a year old, but one that I'm very passionate about. I've drawn inspiration from all over the world and fashioned it into what I think is a vibrant fantasy world with a strong atmosphere and sense of wonder.   Kaladesh is a Magic: The Gathering plane that I use as the setting for one of my original D&D campaigns.

Interests & Hobbies

Singing, listening to music, daydreaming about travel.

Favorite Movies

The Greatest Showman, The Princess Bride, and anything Marvel

Favorite Books

Echoes by Miranda Marie, Dreamtreaders by Wayne Thomas Batson, Chasing Jupiter by Rachel Coker

Favorite Writers

J.R.R. Tolkien, Miranda Marie, Wayne Thomas Batson

Comments & Feedback

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11 Jan, 2019 18:58

Thanks for the follows! :D I hope you enjoy the read and I look forward to reading more of yours.   See you around on the Discord! :D

12 Jan, 2019 20:58

Absolutely! Your worlds look awesome.   I hope you enjoy reading about mine, as well!

12 Jan, 2019 21:13

thanks for following me. my world isn't nearly as fleshed out as yours but you did a great job. I hope mine will become as expansive and deep.

12 Jan, 2019 21:22

Thank you!   Aleruus has been growing for ten years, so don't feel bad that yours isn't as developed yet, lol.   Good luck with your worldbuilding!

12 Jan, 2019 23:37

thank you

12 Jan, 2019 21:18

Thanks for following my world! I'm glad you seem to enjoy my world, as I am enjoying your work so far! :D

12 Jan, 2019 21:23

You're welcome!   Thank you!

16 Jan, 2019 00:40

What is your goal with your worlds?

16 Jan, 2019 02:00

Aleruus is a setting for YA fantasy novels. Some of them have reallllly old drafts already, lol, but I'm rebuilding the world so I can rewrite the novels now that my writing has developed a lot more.   Kersir is also a setting for YA fantasy, but I plan on mostly having novellas and short stories there instead of full-length novels, possibly with a couple of exceptions.   I have a couple more worlds not on WorldAnvil, including one that's a D&D campaign setting, but I'm primarily an author. :)   How about you?

18 Jan, 2019 01:18

Hi thanks for following my world as well :)

18 Jan, 2019 23:17

You're welcome. :)

1 Feb, 2019 18:55

Thank you for the follow (even though Emourous isn't even fleshed out entirely yet)! I wish you luck on making your worlds more and more better!

1 Feb, 2019 19:40

You're welcome! Thank you. :)

1 Feb, 2019 19:42

No problem! :D


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