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The Olimians were the second group of humans that stepped out of Meliheal, the World Tree. They left the biggest mark on the world. More than dragons, the elder gods, and the Gold Race that came before. Throughout the long millennia, the Olimians built great structures, constructed gigantic flying fortresses, trapped gods, settled other worlds, killed dragon lords, and caused several great disasters. They were all at once the greatest of men that lived on Vreathe and also the worst.

They destroyed themselves many thousands of years ago. All that's left of them are the Fey, so-called descendants of silver. They also left behind numerous ruins, especially in the The Olimian wastes, where adventurers seeking fortune brave the dangers there to bring back artifacts from a lost age.


All of the Olimians bled off excess mana, radiating light from their whole form. They could also live twenty thousand years or more, only showing signs of old age in the last few centuries of their lives. As the Silver Age progressed, especially after 285kSA, the Olimians stopped radiating light from themselves, instead casting a darkened aura that made others feel uneasy. They also aged much more quickly, living only around a thousand years.

As for what they actually looked like, there are numerous wall paintings showing the faces of various Olimians, especially the Kings and Queens. Each major family or tribe of the Olimian people seemed to look quite different from each other. There is evidence that many of the gods married into the various tribes early in the silver Age, and most kings and queens show at least some sort of God-Touched trait, at least in the many paintings that were found.

This mostly intact fresco of Queen Lapis I (71 kSA - 85 kSA) shows her blue hair, a unique trait of humans descended from Ibora, the Goddess of Water. This trait appeared in fourteen total members of the Kwin Tribe throughout the Silver Age.
Alternate names:

Average Life-Span:

Male Names:

Female Names:

The SIlver Tribes
The Silver Race
The Argent Peoples

20,000 years



((Beyond Vreathe))

Magic Affinity: Could use all magical elements. Particularly strong with Arcane type magic. Could not use Aether without first invoking the gods. Otherwise they could only use mana to cast spells.

Unique traits: Unusally resilient to the effects of sickness and ageing.

All members of the Silver Tribes and their descendants such as the Elves have what is known as the Silver Trace, which grants them much longer lifes than other humans, but also forever marks them as rapacious beings that attempted to gain godhood but failed.



"An old map of the Universe. Dated 421 kSA. Found in the Tomb of Lunian Glace, inside a glass case filled with a de-oxidizing gas, keeping the parchment well preserved. I left the map in the glass case as I am unsure how to keep it preserved otherwise.

Not only does this map show various pathways that lead to other worlds via Meliheal the World Tree, the right border of the map is also painted with various planets in the solar system, planets the Olimians are said to have visited in the past. Kalbeth, Lazulia, Tarcurus, they are all represented. The Left border of the map has faded representations of various gods."
- Salika

"An unevenly folded parchment that shows the specifications for minting new silver coins. Found in a ruined treasury in the ancient city of Tenali. There are low levels of arcane magic radiating off the page. Dated 175 kSA. Found with several dozen coins made mostly of silver.

It was difficult at first for me to determine the value of any coin from this era as they are all made of the same metal, the only differences being their size. I learned the secret from the magic of the page itself. When charged with low levels of arcane magic, the coins each started to glow a different color. The parchment doesn't say what colors are which value, which means there has to be another somewhere!"
- Salika

"This parchment has instructions for making wooden pieces for an unknown game. There are also instruction for charging each game piece with magic matching the cardinal elements (Fire, Ice, Air, Lightning). Dated 213 kSA.

I am unsure what the game rules are in their entirety. The game board is a hexagonal grid, and each player has twelve game pieces, two of each element, plus a sage piece that has all elements, and a king. Each element has their own strengths and weaknesses. The winner is the one that takes the other's king. I think I might have enough information to make a copy of the game board..."
- Salika

"This paper (dated 34 kSA) was translated by my long-time friend Xana. She was more than willing to transcribe this silver age formula into a readable language....no money, all she wanted was chocolate cookies (Fairies....)

Anyways, this is an interesting piece. It describes several recipes for making the best fire spell, but the most effective is conjuring seven parts carbon, four parts hydrogen, and one part oxygen, at the same time. You're basically creating fine particles of coal dust. After that, conujure more oxygen and heat energy for a truly explosive burst of fire!...This isn't at all like how our Iron Age mages make fire. Interesting things, the differences between civilizations separated by thousand of years..."
- Salika

Xana Mini Portrait.png
"Look, Salika... I can translate anything from the Silver Age, but I am NOT translating this cursed text for you, not for all the chocolate in the world! I wasn't even sure how you managed to open this thing until I noticed the faded sealing marks on the right side!"

Look, all I'll say is this text refers to God stuff. Evil Corrupting Dark Lord Elder God Stuff! There's a reason why my race fell into darkness and I will not allow the same thing to happen in this age. Sate your thirst for knowledge elsewhere. This text should have stayed buried in the desert!"
- Xana

Most of what is known about the Silver Age comes from old parchments and scrolls, usually found in the desert ruins.

Click the Above Tabs to View various examples of Silver Age writing, with commentary from the great Iron Age explorer, Salika, and the Fairy, Xana.

Structures, Machines, and Powerful Items

Tower of the Moon

This tower was constructed to cast moonlight over the known world. The Olimians built this after Kalbeth, goddess of the moon, disappeared. This Tower was constructed in a bay at the meeting point of three continents and was one of the greatest works of the Olimians. Even long after it was destroyed and fell into the bay, the magics never faded and now illuminate the waters.

Crystal Tower

A testament to the willpower and arrogance of the Olimians. This Tower was over a hundred miles tall and took a hundred fifty thousand years to build. It was made of pure crystal, and was meant to harness the energies of the universe, granting humans immortality and the power of the gods. That didn't happen.
When the tower was activated, it instead caused the Silver Age Cataclysm that destroyed large parts of the world and forever changed the surviving Olimians.

City of Tenali

The greatest city of men, and the greatest city on Vreathe. Tenali was built at the intersection of two rivers on verdant grassland. It was a metropolis of many millions of people who felt they could build and do anything. The city was destroyed during the Silver Age Cataclysm, and is now buried by the crystal sands of the Olimian Wastes.
Renelle Mini Portrait.png
Even in ruins, this city is grander than anything I have ever seen. Lornar and Wrethilin in Cassel do not come close. Neither does Castor in Faeon or Pollux in Ordland. Of course, you do have to survive the Crystal Guardians when you get there, who will try literally every possible way to kill you until you leave the area. There's a reason why first-hand accounts of the city are so rare!
- Renelle Vernador

Deity Binding Chains

These chains were constructed of an unknown metal alloy that could absorb Aether, the energy of the gods. Many gods were chained to the earth with these, including Tarcur the Lord of Dragons, Beirunes the God of Fire, Vikuon the God of Lightning, and many others. Only the Olimians knew the secret to breaking the magic in the chains.

Gardens of Leaten

Constructed as a check against the ever expanding Olimian civilization. These gardens had creatures and plants from all over the world, and even worlds beyond brought here. After the Silver Age Cataclysm, the gardens fell into disrepair and all the creatures got free. There is no place on Vreathe more beautiful and deadly.

Sky Fortress Shipyards

These colossal structures were used to hold the gigantic Sky Fortresses in place during construction and refitting. Thirteen city sized dreadnoughts were constructed here. Even long after the Silver Age ended, the giant stone platforms still stand on the isles of Kalletra.


The Silver Age can be divided into several distinct time periods: the Early Period, the Dragon Wars, the Long Peace, the Corruption Period, the Rule of the Gods, and the Dark Days.

At the start of the Silver Age, the Olimians worshipped the Gods and lived with them and the dragon folk in harmony. By the end of the Silver Age, the Olimians were terrible beings that imprisoned any god that crossed them and were so consumed by their lust for power that they were responsible for their own destruction. The Elder God Tarcur played a part in their destruction, slowly corrupting them and giving them ideas and suggestions that would lead to their ultimate downfall.
Clicking the above text will take you to the Silver Age Chronicles. There is a major map of Vreathe, as well as two smaller maps. Also Included is two linear maps of all fifty kings and queens of the Silver Age.

The Early Period

(1 SA - 71 kSA)

The Silver Age started when the Olimian people walked out of Meliheal, the World Tree. They were fully armed and ready for war. What led them from their previous homeland is not known. When they stepped out of the World Tree, they found themselves in Semmitra, the City of the Gods. The city was under siege by the Elder God Tarcur and his forces of Dragonkind and other dark creatures. The General of the Silver Tribe, Mesilim, immediately ordered his people to defend the city. Tarcur saw these new warriors coming from nowhere and fled the battlefield. The rest of his army was routed shortly after.

The Elder god Alom thanked Mesilim and wanted his people to live on the lands around Semmitra, but Mesilim led his people away, until they came across an intersection of rivers, on a land called Shen-Fossias by the Golden people that came before. Mesilim founded the city of Tenali and the kingdom of Olimia.

By the end of Mesilim's reign, he had built the forges of Kerenor, which would provide metals for every Silver Age structure through the age. He had the Deity Binding Chains constructed, which were used to imprison Tarcur. When Tarcur was captured he was dragged to Semmitra and thrown in prison constructed deep beneath the world tree. Tarcur sat in the lowest dungeon for thousands of years, waiting and biding his time.

The rest of the Early Period went on with reigns of King Rimush, Queen Nessa, and King Ibate, and were marked by a number of great construction projects. The early period ended and the Dragon Wars began with the construction of the first Sky fortress.
Meliheal, The World Tree. When looking up at it, the branches seemingly dissolve into the skies above. Few know where the many twisting paths lead.

Dragon Wars

(71 kSA - 128 kSA)

The Dragon Wars lasted 43,000 years, and was marked by the reign of four rulers: Queen Lapis I, King Samsu, Queen Lapis II, and King Gigas. There were other things happening during this age, but not were as notable as the conflicts with the Dragon. Six additional Sky Fortresses were constructed and the Seven Dragon Lords allied with Tarcur were killed during this period. The deaths of these dragons caused great destruction on the lands they died on, and their bleeding magic still affects the land to this day, even into the Iron Age. Each sky Fortress and each Dragon Lord is a tale of its own, marked by the endurance of men and the destruction of dragons.

Another war very nearly happened during this period. Deep below Vreathe, the Fire God Beirunes was conquering the hells beneath the world. He started in the lowest hell of the universe, called Tealr. After conquering it, he made his was to Tortur, then Aros, then Seralaith. He skipped past Feylisa, not wanting to pick a fight with Segra the Mother of Dragons. He then conquered Akoah. Tarcur used the roots of Meliheal to watch this destruction, and he warned King Samsu of the impending danger. King Samsu had more chains constructed, and when Beirunes broke into Vreathe from below, the Silver Tribe was waiting for him. They chained his body to the bottom of the Hazy Sea,. The water perpetually contacts his hot skin and flashes to steam and Beirunes forever writhes in pain.

The Sky Fortress Aquarius had cannons powered by an infinite supply of water, linked to a portal in the ocean. This ship was notable for killing the Dragon Lord Xiralgus the Nova.

The Long Peace

(128 kSA - 217 kSA)

The Long Peace started with the fifty thousand year reign of Queen Issia, and ended with the reign of King Kurum. This period lasted 89,000 years. Tarcur attempted to corrupt each of the four rulers of this period, and failed each time. There were several large projects the Silver Tribe undertook during this period, but this period was most notable for being peaceful and very little happening.

Then it started to go wrong with Queen Lapis IV. Tarcur whispered through the roots of Meliheal, telling Lapis secrets of power. He described a potion that would increases Lapis's power tenfold, but would also shorten her lifespan. Lapis had this potion made. Her power did indeed increase tenfold, but then she wanted more, and more. She was said to have drank a hundred of these potions, and when she died, her power was equal to that of any Elder God, but her body was unable to contain the power.

Tarcur is a patient god. A few hundred thousand years chained in darkness is nothing to him. He's been planning the destruction of Meliheal and Vreathe for much longer.

The Corruption Period

(217 kSA - 285 kSA)

The Next ruler, King Ishme, dwelt a long time on how to achieve power and immortality. Tarcur suggested that if he were free, then he would be able to grant such a thing. King Ishme attempted many times during his reign to get Tarcur freed, until he felt it necessary to gather an army and do it himself. He was struck down by Alom, and his spirit shut out of the wellspring of souls that ran through the world tree.

Next, King Sabium banned the gods from entering the kingdom of Olimia. Ten thousand years later, Alom granted Sabium an audience with Tarcur, as long as he was present. The meeting was uneventful, but afterwards, Sabium started a great military buildup, the greatest in history. The Silver Tribe researched new weapons of war, upgrading their old Sky Fortresses into ever greater machines. This work continued with King Magir. Magir also amplified Tarcur's voice so all of the Silver Tribe could hear him. The Kingdom of Olimia stopped worshipping the other gods, and only worshipped Tarcur.

Queen Lapis V attempted to destroy the roots of Meliheal to stop Tarcur's influences, but the damage was already done. Each year on the last day of the season of Tarcur, the people demanded that Queen Lapis march on Meliheal to free Tarcur, but she was unwilling to do so. The cries happened each year for each year of her twenty thousand year reign.

The last queen of the corruption period, Lapis VI, gathered up every military asset the Silver Tribe had, and marched on Meliheal. They managed to set fire to the world tree. With all of existence threatened, Alom had no choice but to allow Tarcur to go free. It took the power of several elder gods to quell the flames, but the world tree was forever scarred from the burning.

The flames reached up Meliheal, twisting through its branches and pathways to other worlds, stretching across the sky. What destruction was caused by this burning is not yet known, but there is not a being alive in this universe that didn't see these flames.

Rule of the Gods

(285 kSA - 385 kSA)

Alom and Yanneth went to the city of Tenali and placed the Olimian Kingdom under their control. They wanted to completely wipe the Silver Race from the face of the world, but they felt that the war would lead to Vreathe's Ruin.

The Silver Tribes accepted their punishment, but as the millennia went on, their lifespans were becoming shorter and shorter. They blamed the gods for diminishing the Silver Race, unaware that their lives were destined to grow shorter no matter what they did. As the Silver Trace within them became ever more diluted, their lives grew ever shorter, until their twenty millennia lifespans were barely one.

Tarcur slowly manipulated the Silver Tribes through this time, giving them secrets to defeating the gods, and giving them secrets to living forever, giving them access to secret locations where they could build weapons of war out of the reach of the Elder gods.

Alom and Yanneth's reign over the Olimians ended when the Silver Tribes unleashed all of their Sky Fortresses on them, including several that were built in secret during this time. Alom and Yanneth were imprisoned on the moon Nodan until the end of the Silver Age. Alom and Yanneth had a victory when Tarcur was imprisoned with them and the Olimians refused to help.

While the Elder Gods thought that this meant Tarcur's influence over the humans was not as strong as they though, in reality they were fully corrupted, so much that the humans no longer needed their dark lord to continue their ambitious plans

Dark Days

(375 kSA - 451 kSA)

With the Silver Race turning from the light and embracing darkness, their lifespans started to decrease. Many were able to live twenty thousand year or much longer. As the Silver Age went on, their lifespans started to decrease until they were able to live only a thousand years at the end of the age. There were 18 rulers of Olimia in the first 285,000 years of the Silver Age. In the last 76,000 years, there were 33 kings and queens that were bent to darkness.

During the Dark period, the Silver Race attacked and imprisoned any god that stood against them. They also killed the Seven remaining Dragon Lords that were allied with Alom, further altering the lands forever.

The Silver Tribe also started construction of the greatest structure of their age, maybe even the greatest structure in all of Vreathe's history. Before he was imprisoned, Tarcur gave the Silver Tribe plans to construct a Crystal Tower. One that would use the energies of the universe and grant them immortality. The construction of this structure took nearly 150,000 years and used nearly every magic crystal the Silver Race had ever gathered or mined from the world, but to them, immortality was now in reach.

The Silver Age Cataclysm

(451 kSA)

The Crystal Tower was not a device that would grant immortality as Tarcur Promised. It did grant power, but not in the way the Silver Tribe expected. The Tower was in fact the conduit for a powerful god spell, one that would rid the world of the Silver Tribe. When the tower was turned on, all of the crystals that made it up were instantly converted into magical energy, sending a shockwave across the world. Any living thing within a thousand miles of the tower were flash frozen into crystal. Outside this distance, the shockwave had a lesser effect only touching the Silver Race, but it was no less terrifying.

Most of the Silver Race were immediately deconstructed into unidentifiable masses of bone and flesh, dying within seconds. Those that survived became shapeless horrors that hide undergound away from the light. even further away from the shockwave, others were altered considerably less, but still forever altered. These became the Fey, descendants of the Silver Tribe.

End of an Age

The only humans the shockwave did not affect were this that were descended from the Golden Tribe. Tarcur used the confusion of the cataclysm to quickly abduct as many of these golden humans as he could. What he did to the golden tribe in the previous age, and what he did with them now is not known.

By the time the Silver Age had ended, the Olimians, the Silver Tribe, had built impossibly grand structures, imprisoned gods, killed Dragon Lords, terraformed worlds, and more. They were undone by their own greed for power and immortality. To the dark god Tarcur, the Silver Tribe was nothing to him. A half million year divergence from his plans for the world is nothing. Even after a new tribe of humans appeared from the world tree, the Bronze Tribe, Tarcur didn't care. He had what he needed, for now.


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