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Salt River Campaigns

by hughpierre

The Conflict


Pochteca Presence

No grand battles or shows of defiance. The merchants came with sweet fruits and chili peppers and the later monarchs traded their souls in exchange.

River Pirates

Elements of the krix, gein and cuit, without means to trade, sought to capitalize on the river trade by resorting to piracy.
Dissatisfaction had been growing from the levels of foreign influences spreading across the sparse settlements. True and rumoured altercations during festivals further exasperated the feelings of being taken advantage of. So more and more turned to raiding convoys and disappearing into the groves, brush and caves until the Sang could tolerate no more.



Up and down the main river of Salt Side were the sang's primary focus. But the conflict zone also included several of its tributary rivers and streams. Repeated efforts to chase the pirates saw missions that carried elite troops stalking through the Runaways to setup ambushes and be ambushed themselves.

The Engagement

Sustained Raids

The invaders' tactic was to secretly ferry hordes of sang shock troops crouched in oversized freight canoes. The targeted were a collection of settlements and loosely affiliated tribes who collaborated in some areas but frequently clashed in others.
The first freight is to travel the furthest. It would have a several days head start and offload closer to the Pink Creek away from most prying eyes. The rest of following canoes would follow suit, being a two to three days away from one another to not startle the local.   Then, all at once, on the day of Crocodile, each contingent would jump from their hidding places and immediately storm the closest shore. They'd have only themselves to hold a beach head before the regular war canoes can arrive to relieve them.
— discussion in the council of four


  • Formalization of the Triple Alignment's long term occupation.
  • Civilizing efforts by the conquerors led to massive deliveries of food and building material to construct conventional Dragonsgrave-type city layouts.
  • As a client state, Krix required larger amount of imported materials than exports. Leading them to consume more from Sangsalgu Proper than they could return.
  • The first foundation of Krix's transformation into a proper city, and the largest in Salt Side, were laid and would become the capital of the Krix Salt State.

Historical Significance


Client State

Kris became a special strategic province subordinate to the Sacred Precinct because the environment severely restricted what could be taken as tribute. It was more useful as a political jumping off point for corhersing Kuit and Joi into similar compliance and combating the odd Taulli raid.   Overtime, Krix as a client state to Sangsalgu had gradually lost its internal cohesion to corruption and untimely betrayals.  

Witcher Kingdom

The Krix witcher kingdom ultimately fell under the Raven coven, whose matriarchs ruled for 88 years. During that time the witches 'farmed' the last of the Krix King line to maintain their legitimacy to go hand-in-hand with their 'right of conquest'.

Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Sang annexation of the center of Salt Side
Salt Side
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Sang Raiding Forces
Krix Resistance






Establish multiple military footholds on the banks of major salt rivers
Maintain a national sense of sovereignty

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