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Pearl Cliffs


Sea cliffs located at the western edge of the Marshes and drop into the pearl sea where many pearl banks rest. The cliff face and the rocks at the bottom are large and stark white, when given time to dry. The escarpment does not lead to any gentle route to the Place of Orbit, but risk-seeking groups subvert traditional paths to more easily trade resources between the Sinking Remnants and the Coral City.

Ecosystem Cycles

Elder Cycles

The 50 year half of the elder moon cycle is the period of time where fever reports begin. There are two 10 year winding up and down times in the cycle that eases victims into and out of their decades long challenge.   It is the most distant of cosmic bodies, and yet holds a dramatic sway over our environment. During its cyclic 50 year reign in the heavens, the sea level raises to cover the nesting banks and shrink the cliff's heights.

Fauna & Flora

Pearl Bank: The pearl banks, who give their name to the cliffs, do not look too impressive. They are most known for growing to great size and being thrown from the ocean's depths inland during the Floodlands's semi-centennial flooding. Though they can also be found in great numbers at the foot of the shear cliff that drops the Brine Marshes into the sea.
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