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Momochitl Patlāna (moh-moh-cheetl paht-lah-nah)

by hughpierre

The Conflict


It is common, even expected, for new speakers to begin their reign with a coronation war.   However, the most recent ruler decided to postpone his; in order to concentrate efforts on the coming corn war with the Corn Court. This left a cadre of impatient youthful soldiers to gather and implement:
an ambitious plan to lay siege to the entirety of courtiers territory and end generations of conflict.


From the edges of Mais, the plan was to set fire to the tall stalks of meize and guide the fires to process towards the court capital. From there, sang troops would enter the scorched area and finish off any stragglers. That was largely the extent of the plan.
The current blowing in the northern part of Mais, flows towards the lakes.
Āehēcamalacotl on the Mais Trade Winds
However; these soldiers were - for the most part - uneducated. Anyone else, truly of the military orders, would have recognized a myriad of failings and unsubstantiated assumptions the 'leaders' had made in their planning.

The Engagement

Everyone has been mocking the whole thing as the "Momochitl Patlāna". The local speaker called it: such a fiasco arranged by amateurs who were too eager for prestige.
Chīmalmichin writing to Conētl
Once groups of fire starters were able to cox out flames, they found themselves immediately beset by the heat climbing on the corn stalks. The previous dry months, plus the sudden fires, caused many kernels on the corbs to explode into popcorn.   The snack fell like snow and burnt pieces blew into the aggressors' faces. The actual fires followed after them and forced the would-be invaders to flee in random directions and sheepishly return to Tetzcotzinco to report their operation.

Alternate Name
Fluttering Fight
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Comically Indecisive Action

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