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Mage Killers

Protimágovia, or Protimág, are the specialized soldiers of the Crocution army, designed as a force to combat mages across the world. Though often rivaled by other largely martial armies like those of the Orcs or the Kamejin, Protimágovia are best against mages rather than against other melee or ranged combatants, making them a weaker army in comparison.  


Those that call themselves Protimág are the elite warriors of the Crocution people. While Crocutions have a warlike culture, they do not all train against mages, as not all of their foes have magic.
Juraj by Jarhed
  Still, the most powerful warriors among them are those that would likely eventually come into conflict with a Korvian or Mamman mage, and so they train to be a force against magic in the world.  


In the Age of Heroes, the Crocution people were in a time of great strife. The United Holy Front of Amukk had left them in a weakened state, with mages and warriors from all over the world stopping Crocution plans for expansion onto the mainland of Udai.   For a time, they were viewed as having been defeated, attacking only in spite for a time during the Age of Heroes.   A warrior rose up in that strife with an idea. He believed there was a way to combat mages, and trained himself so he could find every way around their magic, including with new equipment.   His name was Juraj.   He trained an army to follow in his footsteps, even writing a training manual on how to counter mages, one that has been kept top-secret by the Crocutions. It is called "Mana's Flaw."   The Protimágovia were able to combat mages during the Age of Heroes, becoming a force to be reckoned with, and since Juraj, they have remained a staple of the Crocution military.  


Protimág soldiers wield unique equipment that can only be crafted in their motherland, the Key of Beasts.   They wield spears made from the wood of local Void Trees, which grant the weapons the ability to resist magical attacks with demonic energy. Tied around the spear is a sturdy string made from a synthetic fiber that utilizes Crocution fur, which binds bone onto the spears. The bone is sharp and sturdy, like metal, often the bones of Orcs, Minotaurs, or even other Crocutions, but it does not conduct as well as a metal blade would, making it safe against lightning mages.   On occasion, the bones break off in the body they pierce, which is a bonus as they are difficult to remove and cause internal bleeding.   Alongside this, Protimágovia wear armor that is made with trace amounts of Contrium, a metal found only on the Key of Beasts, which causes magic to bounce off of it. The trouble is that Contrium is particularly weak to electricity, meaning that it is not useful against lightning mages. When against a lightning mage, Protimág warriors will disrobe from their armor, fighting lightning mages in nothing but their undergarments, which makes them more resistant to
Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners by andreaspsillos4
the electricity and also allows them to move faster, unburdened by their armor.   Some Protimágovia have used enchanted items, but they do not make them themselves. If they loot them off of enemies, as Odrukh of the Jaded Executioners once did, they may use them. Odrukh, however, betrayed his training and wore Kamejin armor and fought in the Kamejin style.   He, and those that follow in his footsteps, are not considered Protimágovia, but it is not for his use of enchanted items.  


Protimágovia squads feature multiple Protimág soldiers, alongside about five times as many non-elite Crocution warriors. The non-elites serve as the vanguard, shielding the elites from the first attacks so they can get close to mage opponents.   Once in front of the mage, the job of the non-elites is to draw focus while each Protimág must flank around the mage and take them out.   When against armies of mages, the Protimágovia disguise themselves as non-elite soldiers, wearing heavier armor overtop their Contrium armor and having non-elites wield their spears.   These non-elites wielding Protimág weapons are targetted first, but the Protimágovia are often able to use their training to survive long enough to get close and attack the mages.   Other tactics and formations have been used, but these are two of the most commonly seen.  

Mercenary Work

Due to their skill, Protimágovia are often hired by other armies around the world, or even rich individuals wishing to take out a target. When in foreign lands, their job is almost always to kill foreign mages.   They work for money, favors, or anything as determined by the Protimág themselves.   Their most notable service is with the Dwarves, who often hire Protimág soldiers to combat Elves, Humans, or Draconians that are at war with them. Protimágovia particularly hate Elves and Draconians, whose societies and armies revolve around the use of magic. Elves and Draconians are banned from even setting foot on the Key of Beasts, as Protimágovia will kill them as quickly as they can.  

Societal Impact

Since the foundation of the Protimágovia, hatred for mages has grown, as they are viewed as not only the natural enemy of the Crocution people, but also the ones that ruined their nation in the first place.   Crocution society has since looked down on mages, killing any Crocutions that are born with magic. Natural Crocution mages are often escorted out of the Key of Beasts not long after their birth, for if they are not they are killed by the Protimágovia.

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