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Petty Kingdom of Salinia

The Petty Kingdom of Salinia is a small nation of Northern Nereids and Merfolk in the Northern Sea at the center of the Northern Islands. They are one of the many Petty Kingdoms of the Northern Sea which split off after the reign of the King of Lorev and Head Priest of Phrixus known as the Fisher King Caddos Damolnath.  

Government Structure

Salinia is ruled over by a King or Queen at all times. The Monarch makes all decisions for the people, but often listens to their people due to having such a small kingdom to rule over.   The Salinian military is often rented out by outside people or kingdoms as mercenaries, as the soldiers are adept in combat both land and sea. This is where Salinia's treasury grows wealthiest, from mercenary work. The Monarch often travels with the army, leading it in battle.  


The city known as Salinia is the only major settlement of the Petty Kingdom of Salinia. It was the largest Nereid city under the united Kingdom, as its capital, and thus it is still a sprawling metropolis under the Petty Kingdom.
Caddos Damolnath by Jarhed
  Salinia is a bustling city of Nereids that is welcome to all. They question no one that enters, as they share the honor of being a haven for pirates like Last Words Haven nearby.  

Salin Palace

A palace was built to be like the Palace of Lorev, the Lorev palace having since been taken in by the Petty Kingdom of Lorev.   The Palace of Salinia, known as the Salin Palace is a grand structure that imitates the architecture of the Temple of Phrixus which was destroyed.   There are many records of the Dragon God's Temple, in paintings, as well as some writings from Caddos Damolnath himself.  

Surrounding Settlements

There are many small towns and suburbs around the city of Salinia that are still in the Petty Kingdom's jurisdiction, though few are of much note outside of the ocean.  


As a newer nation founded in the late 500s, particularly 593 there is little history to speak of in regards to Salinia, at least in comparison to the rest of the world.  

Splitting of the Kingdom

Caddos Damolnath vanished not long after the defeat of the World Court in 560. After his disappearance, there were some Kings that tried to hold the settlements of Northern Nereid Territory together as the attendants of the Damolnaths had done in Caddos's absence prior.
Jhornos Damolnath by Jarhed
  This did not last and, after 25 years, the Kingdoms began to break apart in the year 585, starting with the ones on the edges of places like Udai or Ortoise. Being further away from Lorev, the seat of power of theDamolnaths, meant that they were less likely to stay around.   Ultimately, eight years after the splintering of the Kingdom began, the only two cities left were Lorev and Salinia.   Salinia, as the largest city, wished for power to be transfered to it now, but Lorev insisted on its symbolic relevance. Caddos's grandchildren each led one of the cities. The eldest son of Caddos's eldest son, Zurzus Damolnath, led Lorev. Meanwhile, Jhornos Damolnath led Salinia. Jhornos was the eldest son of Caddos's true eldest, his daughter Naltyn Damolnath.   The two fought and it ended with a draw. Despite this, Jhornos still led his people onwards and split from Lorev, founding the Petty Kingdom of Salinia.  

Peace and War

Jhornos led many defensive wars against the neighboring Petty Kingdoms, but Salinia never gained any land. However, they did not lose land either. He even tried making peace with his cousin Zurzus, but to no avail.   Jhornos died, leaving his Kingdom in the hands of capable people who have kept it afloat since.
Blackbeard by Jarhed

Pirate Kingdom

The Eight Pieces were a pirate crew founded by Galgeon Lusisce II, also known as the infamous pirate Blackbeard.   Blackbeard sought freedom from tyranny for all people and to spread the wealth to those in need of it. He found a surprising common ally in the Queen of Salinia, who agreed to help against Tyrants and also to allow him some land.   She suggested a nearby island, and there Blackbeard settled Last Words Haven, a port for pirates to be safe and for all to be free from tyrannical rule.   Salinia supported Last Words Haven, but the Monarchy was never allowed entrance, as it broke the rules of Last Words Haven for a tyrant to enter, even if that tyrant was an ally.   Salinia, too, opened its borders to pirates, allowing for it to bring more fear to their name. It worked, and Salinia became fiercely associated with pirates, particularly the Eight Pieces.  

The Draqiroth War

In the year 934, Draqiroth Lealred became Grand Wizard of the Draconian people and declared his intention to go to war in 30 years time.
Nolos Davanzath by fyrcracker
  Salinia was aware of this and was not particularly afraid. As isolated as they were, few Nereids from Salinia had even seen a Draconian before.   However, Rotgurn, the Dwarven General of the Orange Phoenixes Squad, sent a letter to the Salinian military asking for their services. He rented their mercenary service out and the Salinian army began training for war.   When the time came in 964, the soldiers fought on the western front with the Dwarves, against the forces of Naxiris Daxur, Vallyasa Uphal, and Redemption the Devil. They were decimated but came out victorious.   Their losses far outweighed their gains and, despite winning, many soldiers defected from the army. One in particular was Nolos Davanzath, who took up being a mercenary without the army, going alone instead.   Nolos was eventually recruited by Ardar Tilrak, Draqiroth's successor, to be part of his council of mages known as the Council of 69. Ardar hoped to strengthen Nolos's will and resolve and also to patch up relations with Salinia.


Due to their location at the center of the Northern Sea, the people of Salinia trade mostly with the other Nereid Petty Kingdoms.   Salinia, however, has a trade partner in the pirates of Last Words Haven, a settlement run by pirates on the nearest island. The pirates help ship Salianian goods and bring back other goods in exchange for a share of the profits.

Other Nereid Petty Kingdoms

Salinia is at the center of the Nereid Petty Kingdoms, which makes it a vital land that all must cross. However, they are blocked off from the rest of the world by the other Petty Kingdoms, so they must always find themselves on good terms with one of them for safe passage to the rest of the world.


The architecture in Northern Nereid settlements largely comes from the settlements that once dotted the land when it was above the water from the Giant Kingdom.   The Giant ruins either remain in large buildings or were torn apart and repurposed into smaller homes and buildings for the Nereids.   Newer Salinian buildings are made in the Giant architectural style. However, one thing that is made sure of in all Salinian buildings, and all Northern Nereid architecture, is that there are holes around the building with no doors or windows so that Nereids or Merfolk can swim in and out of their homes as they please.   However, to adapt to land dwellers who visit, these holes can be filled and the buildings can be drained at will, air then pumping in from enchanted systems set up by mages who studied at the Magic College.  


The Nereids of Salinia find themselves near two major temples, which allow for fair religious diversity. In the nearby Petty Kingdom of Lorev, there is the Temple of Papatūānuku that is sunken into the sea. This is the major religion of most Northern Nereids and many Nereids travel there to worship her.   Others, however, go on land to the ruins of the Temple of Phrixus to pray. The final King of the United Northern Nereid People, Caddos Damolnath, was the Head Priest of Phrixus, and so Phrixus holds a special place in the hearts of Nereids.   Aside from that, other religions have small chunks of followers, though hardly as common as followers of those two dieties.  

Diplomatic Relations

Salinian diplomatic relations are scarce to find, as the Petty Kingdoms are generally not looked favorably upon by most nations. However, there are some that recognize them.  

Last Words Haven

Last Words Haven is an independent port run by and for pirates on the Northern Islands. They are the closest diplomatic relation to Salinia, and thus Salinia is also friendly waters for pirates to sail. This makes it a dangerous place for trade, but a necessary place due to its central location.  

The Kingdom of Man

Generally the Kingdom of Man were wary of the Salinians for a long time, as Salinia always sought to live on land and the human territories were nearest, but after the Draqiroth War, the Salinians have been considered allies and friends unofficially.   Officially, the Kingdom of Man does not endorse the Salinians, but Salinians unofficially have full citizenship in the Kingdom of Man.  

The Elven Forest

The Elves have a strained relationship with the Salinians, as the Elves are grateful the Salinians died for them in the Draqiroth War while the Salinians hate the Elves for stealing the credit and bombing their people.   Due to this, one can often find Salinian soldiers in the river beside the Elven Forest, attacking any ships they believe may be with the Elves.  

The Dwarven Kingdom

Equally screwed over by the Elves in the Draqiroth War, the Dwarves have a kinship with the Salinians that is oft unspoken. The Dwarves do not let Nereids enter without background checks and a careful vetting process.   Dwarven Territory was once a place where all refugees could be accepted, which is why it has Goblins, Dark Elves, and Deep Gnomes. However, they have since become wary after the arrival of Humanity.  

The Draconian Villages

The Salinians do not get along well with the Draconians, as they perceive it to be the Draconians' fault that Caddos Damolnath suffered and the Kingdoms were split.   Due to this, the Salinians lent their military in the Draqiroth War, where many were wiped out. This caused even more strained relations between Salinia and Zephys.

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