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Chief Successor

Chief Successors are those appointed by a Draconian Village Chief to one day take their place and lead the village in the event of their retiring or, more often than not, death.  


For the most part, being a Chief Successor is not an official title, but instead it is a written agreement to lead the village after the current Chief. Still, the villagers are not only well aware of who the successor is, but the successor must win them over to their side. They must gain the support of the people they will lead.   They also have a secondary job in terms of this. After all, the other Chiefs, Chief Successors, and most people who keep up with politics like the Grand Wizard, Members of the Noble Council, or just any politically minded people are also aware of the Chief Successors appointment to the position. Successors must, then, do well to keep up public appearance, starting good relations with other people in power and training to be able to hold the job of a Chief.  

Secondary Commander in Chief

The Chief Successor, of course, will one day become the leading force in the village military. Due to this, they are almost always the secondary commander of the military forces in their village, having near equal command to the Chief themselves.   There are some exceptions and specific examples to this.
  • In Yirthum, the Elves have a commander appointed to oversee military operations, making the Chain of Command the Chief, the Elven Commander, then the Chief Successor.
  • Due to their affiliation and ties with the Vampire Hunters, the second in command of Waire is either the leader of the Vampire Hunters if they are not Chief, or the second in command of the Vampire Hunters, who is not necessarily the Chief Successor.
  • In both Ilder and Dembar, the second in command of the military is the Chief Protector of the village, who is not necessarily the Chief Successor.
  • There are times when a Chief Successor does not agree with the cause that their village is fighting for and, therefore, they do not take command of the military in these wars.
  • During the Chief Crisis, Higar Vixik was the Chief Successor of Tamd, but the second-in-command of the military was the Tamdian drug lord known as the Professor, a genius tactician who spread his drug Burnout through the city to weaken it. No one knows where Higar Vixik was during the war.
  • When Chief of Ealla, the Comedian Sirlini Glirdog appointed various people to lead the military, seemingly at random as a joke.
Despite many technicalities and exceptions, this is still the norm in Bortan, Evity, and usually in Ealla and Tamd as well, which are the four major villages in Draconian war and politics.  


Chief Successors are appointed by a written agreement between them and the Chief at the time. A contract, of sorts, swearing that the Chief Successor will uphold the morals and values of the village, protect the village and its people, and that they will do right by their respective Gods (Phrixus or Helle usually, depending on the village).
Higar Vixik by Jarhed

Current Successors

  • Bortan- Yilkin Nagil
  • Evity- Kaltoth Vracrath (Appointed)
  • Ealla- Dranketh Wulfras
  • Tamd- Vaphak Uphal
  • Yirthum- Dripnoral Thampoc
  • Dembar- Funxeth Soliann
  • Waire- Paragon Caerxan
  • Ilder- Zenzita Gichad
The Professor by Jarhed
Chief Successors are often chosen due to a personal connection with the Chief. For some, it is their biological child or sibling, for others it is an adopted child. If not a familial relation of some sort, then Chief Successors are those who have at least studied or trained under the previous Chief, in most cases. Chiefs normally go throughout their village, picking out proteges who they can train to succeed them.   In some cases, this is not as simple. Chiefs are busy people, so often there will be a clear choice in terms of skill, leadership capabilities, or simply the nearest noble who could take the position. For instance, in Yirthum, the choice is often heavily weighted against the Chief's decision and instead in favor of a candidate picked by the Elves themselves, especially the King or the Captain Commander.  

Chief Contract

The Chief Contract is what all Chief Successors must sign to actually take on the title of successor. It consists of various questions asking that the successor be loyal to the village, follow and enforce its laws, keep peace in their village and between others, etc.   There are some unique clauses depending on the village. Here are some:  

The Tamdian Clause

In the alchemist village of Tamd, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you make sure to promote the creativity and inventiveness required to further alchemical knowledge and research, no matter what is required with no limits for morality or law?
  2. Will you keep Tamd reserved and isolated to the Tamdian peninsula, away from those outside?
  3. Will you continue to push back against all Eallan progress, and with each step they take, will you take one as well?

The Eallan Clause

In the bardic village of Ealla, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you spread music to all throughout the world, starting with the village of Ealla itself?
  2. Will you put on at least four concerts a year, one in each quarter of the year?
  3. Will you continue to push back against all Tamdian progress, and with each step they take, will you take on as well?
  4. Will you allow all people, no matter their race, religion, or background to live in Ealla?
The final clause for Ealla was written by Sirlini Glirdog, the Human Chief who helped make Ealla a far more equal village.  

The Bortanian Clause

In the militaristic village of Bortan, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you challenge all immoral or questionable choices made by the Grand Wizard?
  2. Will you continue any wars started by the Chief who came before you, even if you disagree with them?
  3. Will you train a new generation of warriors to fight for Bortan?
  4. Will you fight each fight you go through to the best of your ability, never giving up and never holding back?

The Evitian Clause

In the forbidden village of Evity, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you keep the laws as they are, preventing any magic, skill, or technique from being outlawed and keeping all practices legal no matter the consequences?
  2. Will you treasure knowledge above all else?
  3. Will you utilize every asset you have for the good of Evity?

The Yirthumite Clause

In the enchanting village of Yirthum, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you hold Elven interests on an equal or greater level than Draconian interests?
  2. Will you follow the orders of the Elven King?
  3. Will you give command over the army to the Elven commander stationed in Yirthum?
  4. Will you preserve the Yirthum storehouse, keeping dangerous enchanted items out of the hands of the public?

The Wairian Clause

In the hunting village of Waire, the extra clauses read:
  1. Will you hunt all blood-sucking vampires who threaten the lives of the innocent mortals?
  2. Will you take in refugees, be they Elven, Draconian, Gnomish, or otherwise?
  3. Will you preserve the forest and not destroy it for any reason other than village expansion or destruction of the vampires?
  4. Will you keep the tunnels beneath Waire and Draconian territory safe for all to travel through?
  Ilder and Dembar, according to common knowledge, do not have extra clauses to their contracts.

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