Arc 1 - Episode #182

Leave It All Behind

General Summary

18th of Thorom
When the meeting with the Black Hand ends, the group makes it's way back to House Dragonkeep, intent on keeping any relevant information from David, who they believe to be the mole in the house.

As something of a distraction, Kalden asks David to take him to see Amarah before they set sail. Aralove warns Tessia of the threat on her life and Braylon sneaks up to David's bedroom, befriending Timothy, a guard, in the process. He manages to make off with a few journals and takes them to Daegon to help search through them. After searching through the books, Braylon sneaks them back to David's room and everyone rests for the night.

19th of Thorom
In the morning, before leaving the house, Khoury arrives and rejoins her friends. Goodbyes are exchanged and the party finds their way back to the docks where their ship, and the Black Hand's men await.

As the mainland fades in the distance, a large, foreboding storm brews on the horizon...


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Release date: 10 Oct 2016 - Download the Episode

Report Date
10 Oct 2016