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The planet Nabu is the first planet in the TX08-C system, closest to Sol, its neighbour being Leutis. It was originally designated as the United Federation of Aegans' mining planet when the civilization first branched out to neighbouring planets... However, after discovering some things about Nabu, primarily the source of its harsh and deadly climate, work in Nabu's mines became restricted to those officially working under UFA's jurisdiction. Prior to the calamity, Nabu had what could only be equated to some sort of seasonal change.   After a set amount of time, the usually dormant Nabu would flash extremely hot, with lava erupting onto the planet's surface and periodic heavy ember and ashen-laden storms that grind work and exploration to a halt due to its life-threatening severity. This season eventually gives way to Nabu's usual dormant state... And then progresses to its next season polar opposite of the first but no less deadly. Nabu plunges into a deep freeze with heavy hailstorms, and the lava from the previous season turns to liquid plasma lakes and rivers that glow a faint purple.   Present day there's a massive crater taking up 75% of Nabu's surface, there are no longer any seasonal fluctuations, and amidst the crater, debris hangs like an asteroid field around Nabu. Nabu still contains salvageable ore, although is only accessible from warped patches of space on other planets. Pre-Calamity structures can be spotted, and derelict ships might be found, but it seems there are no signs of life, neither survivor nor wanderer.


Cratered, cut, and bored into from the many years of mining. One massive crater covering 75% of the planet, but not created from an impact... Rather, from the inside out, as if it were a massive sinkhole.


Pre-calamity, flippant- going from dangerously hot with ash storms, to dangerously cold with hailstorms... An occasional dormant season in between, although fleeting.

Natural Resources

Myriad ore within, harvestable traces of all elements... The perceptive might glean why that is.
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