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TX08-C, the Solar System in which DREAMEND takes place, and the entire Unisphere resides.
Originally consisting of sixteen celestial bodies— one sun, twelve planets, and three moons— as well as two asteroid belts within its boundaries prior to the calamity. Nowadays the system is in ruins, it’s planets warped and in some cases shattered. The once proud race of space elves known as the Aegans that called this system home are no more.


Sixteen celestial bodies— one sun, twelve planets, three moons— and two asteroid belts.
Each body is named, and has their own geography and climate— the atmosphere of each planet and moon is breathable, but not necessarily hospitable.

Localized Phenomena

Post-calamity, the entirety of the TX08-C is warped with spatial distortions, leaving planets speckled with pockets (dubbed “bridges” and “ways” by those in the know) that stitch the worlds together.
In addition to this, temporal distortions are now becoming a common occurrence. Wherever the Seraph Israfil flies, excess energy may be discharged from their body, causing pockets of localized temporal distortions. These distortions in particular, when traversed through, show the affected area as it was precisely three hundred years ago just hours prior to the calamity. How long these distortions last, what is and isn’t affected by them, and who can traverse them is still being researched. It is currently also unknown whether this is something only Israfil can do.


  • Map of System TX08-C
    The Raca System is an analogue of the Waking World's Solar System. This map shows as it appears prior to the calamity, however, I've still provided notations on present-day and pre-calamity.
Alternative Name(s)
Raca System,
Solar System
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