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The Unisphere DREAMEND

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"Soon shall the frontier beyond our solar system be ours to explore!"   These words ring out from a well-dressed official, upon their breast, a lapel pin with the insignia of a condor. Standing with them are four others, each with their own pins, a dragon, a lion, a ram, and a scorpion.   They are the leaders of the United Aegans, and the year is 1717, the year that their elvish-looking peoples discovered a means to travel not just planet to planet, but system to system... Maybe even galaxy to galaxy.   But in truth, they had just opened Pandora's Box. Their discovery drew the attention of a ravenous Revenir, a celestial kaiju that feeds on stars and planets alike. This white-gold dragon brought with them the apocalypse, but not without meeting resistance.   In the end, though not all of the solar system of Raca was lost. The golden herald of the end-times was put into a deep slumber, sparing most of the planets from its wrath- but warping them beyond recognition.   The heart of the system and the ground zero of this delayed Ragnarok, Raxodin. Now reduced to an age of swords and stone castles and its former name long forgotten, where conflict bubbles and boils from an unknown source.   Its neighbor, Althasi, now lies consumed in a spiralling tempest, its city of lights flickering like a beacon within the eye of the storm through the swathes of dark clouds... A searchlight, a warning. At its centre, festering and howling with madness, another Revenir- awoken and scarred from the inter-planetary war.   As a result of the golden Revenir’s power, all the remaining planets are linked— wander far enough in what you believe to be the wastelands of Raxodin… And you may find yourself in the city ruins of the Althasi. Althasi’s seemingly bottomless chasms give way to the depths of the ocean planet Ucarro. Travelers and their paths along the worlds weave and intersect— and then diverge, perhaps never to meet again.     Welcome to the world in which DREAMEND takes place! A collection of stories delicately pieced together from my dreams!