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Ana María Garcia

Catalina María Hernandez (a.k.a. Catamount)

Catalina Hernandez was born in Amarillo, Texas. She grew up in a close-knit family that immigrated from Mexico when she was 5 years old.  

1945-1965 | Catalina Hernandez

Her family's thievish nighttime activities included larceny, carjacking, and grand theft auto. As tomboy from a young age, Catalina's father and uncles taught her how automobiles and motors worked. By age 13, she could disassemble and reassemble both Ford and Pontiac engines faster than her similar-in-age male cousins, often threatening their machismo by "having been beaten by a girl."   At age 14, she shared her first kiss with a classmate named Margarita, much to the dismay of her mother who caught the two girls in action. Realizing she was different from the other girls in the neighborhood, she learned to hide her interest in girls but secretly explored this unknown facet of her life with Margarita, whose family didn't commit crimes. Seeing another side of life, she began to question if the things her family made her do were right. After four tumultuous years later, she decided to bury her past and move in a new direction. Upon turning 18, she surprised her family and enlisted with the United States Women's Army Corps, leaving behind the criminal lifestyle they had groomed her to live.   First Lieutenant Catalina Hernandez of the United States Women's Army Corps believed she was selected to help a joint CIA and military effort—Project Genesis—focused on infantry anti-radiation testing. The project was financially supported by a well-funded global initiative known only as The Order. Only the fittest and those with adequate Department of Defense clearance had been selected. Though most of the applicants had been men, she was among the few proud women to have been chosen to serve her country. Initially believing the procedure failed, the CIA transferred her body to Rangeley Medical Center and lied to her family about the circumstances of her death. After The Order shuts down Project Genesis, she realizes she is the first and only surviving human experiment of the terminated Orgone Infusion.  

1965–Present Day | Aliases

Catalina decided never to reveal her abilities to the world, hoping to end The Order’s interest in superhuman genesis Project Genesis. Her military training (and the help of a trusted friend) allowed her to disappear and assume a new identity, one that she guarded closely to prevent The Order from reacquiring her and resuming Project Genesis. To hide her identity from The Order, the CIA, and the U.S. Military, Catalina Hernandez adopted several aliases as she traveled the world and discovered her true potential.  

Mirabella Pérez

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With the help of María Guadalupe de los Ángeles, Catalina assumed the identity of Mirabella Pérez and began cleaning the Rangeley Medical Center, and the Rangeley Reactor Core. There, she monitored and worked against The Orderto ensure their human modification experiments would fail. Her actions and those of John Galloway (unbeknownst to her) brought about the shutdown of Project Genesis.

Juanita López

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After leaving Rangeley, Juanita (formerly Mirabella) moved to the remote town of Stannard, Caledonia County, VT and found a room for rent with Stannard local Claudine Beaulieu. The women met at Sully's pub and very quickly became more than friends as their relationship blossomed in full-blown romance.

Renata Gomez

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After the death of her lover, Renata (formerly Juanita) moved to Baltimore, MD and assumed a new identity. There, she discreetly studied, targeted, and destroyed the Ranalli Crime Family after discovering they worked for the more sinister organization—The Order—that created her.

Salome Rodrìguez

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After defeating the Ranalli Crime Family, Salome settled down with her lover Amelia Kent, adopting a strict vow of silence never to use her powers in public to prevent The Order from discovering they had accidentaly succeeded with Project Genesis I.

María Paula Sánchez

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Ana María Garcia

Upon hearing about the similarities between her superpowered abilities and those of a superhero named Blue Spekter and a super villain named Dark Flame, Ana María Garcia moved to Portsmouth, NH to determine their threat level and The Order's involvement in their genesis. She quietly observed them until she reached out to Quinn McAlester after Homeland Security attempted to neutralize him in Goodwin Park.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hernandez is the first orgone-generated superhuman when the first human trials (in 1965) were secretly conducted by The Order and the CIA during the Cold War Era as a response to the arms race and the American-Russian nuclear threat. She was selected for Project Genesis I experimentation because her IQ was very high and all the male subjects kept dying. When her experiment terminated, she was left for dead and documented as a failed process/experiment.   Later, unknown to anyone, she reanimated in the morgue when the Orgone Energy in her cells activated and promoted healing, the first of her powers. When her body went missing, the lack of official paperwork (documenting the illegal experimentation) prevented a thorough investigation and human trials ended shortly thereafter. As her powers unfolded and developed, she recognized the awesome power she wielded could not fall into the wrong hands.


Hernandez is a deceased veteran of the United States Women's Army Corps.
Current Location
1945 1965 20 years old
Circumstances of Death
When her experiment terminated, she was left for dead and documented as a failed process/experiment.
Amarillo, Texas
A cisgender lesbian female.


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