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The Order

The Order is a private, well-funded global initiative known by few.   After discovering the potential of Dr. Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy and Orgone Infusion research, The Order worked with the CIA to build a secret facility beneath Orgonon—the remote home and grounds of the late Psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich in Rangeley, Maine.  
“The Order, by the way, is an acronym. It stands for Orgone Regenerative and Directed Energy Response.” — Victor Kraze in Book 2, Unidentified Phenomenon.


The Order purposely obfuscates itself to the world by employing archaic Church terminology that is not understood by the secular world.  

Major Positions

  • Archimandrion Council: The Order’s highest authority convenes as the governing council at the Citadel, a group made up of the individual Archimandrites and Archimandrates.
  • Presider: The person who oversees the Archimandrion for an elected term of one year. This person may be elected more than once, but may not serve consecutive terms. This prevents personal agendas from developing and reinforces the group’s attention on their true purpose.
  • Archimandrite or Archimandrate: As the highest rank in The Order, this person provides leadership to a large sector, such as a continent or large country. All those within the sector report to this person.
  • Associate or Attaché: a person on the staff of an Archimandrite or Archimandrate, typically empowered to carry out special responsibilities.
  • Hegumen or Hegumenia: The person who oversees a region within a sector of The Order.
  • Abbot or Abbess: The person who oversees one or more facilities for the Order.
  • Prior or Prioress: Second-in-command to an Abbot or Abbess.

Superhuman Positions

  • Master: The person who controls The Order's superhumans.
  • Acolyte: Devout followers who pledge to serve The Order as superhumans.

Minor Positions

  • Circuitor: The person who oversees security and tactical training of operatives, agents, and The Order’s security detail.
  • Chamberlain: The person who oversees technological equipment at a facility.
  • Cellarer: The person who oversees operational supplies and non-technological equipment at a facility.
  • Infirmerer: The person(s) who oversees medical research and the care of the sick and those with special medical needs.
  • Librarian: The person(s) who manage research and other data for The Order.


The hierarchical nomenclature was referenced and repurposed from this web site.

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