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Ranalli Crime Family

The brutal Ranalli Crime Family appeared out of nowhere, quietly acquiring territory, finances, street muscle, and other assets in the Baltimore, MD and surrounding east-coast area from the North American Mafia organization known as The Commission. No one on the streets knew where they came from, or whether the Ranallis represented an inside job executed in hopes of destabilizing The Commission. Whoever the Ranallis were, they had money, and lots of it. Organizational membership of the Ranalli Crime Family includes:  

The Family (Leadership)

These three individuals were affectionately nicknamed the Holy Trinity by the captains.


  • Angelo Caputo


  • Giovanni di Guiseppe


  • Enzo Caccaval
  • Paulo Riva
  • Galtem Bruno
  • Domizio Gallo
  • Basilio Rossi
  • Salvatore Merlo


The Ranalli Family favored the Maranzano structure:
  • the boss
  • underboss,
  • advisors,
  • captains,
  • soldiers,
  • associates, and so forth.
Illicit, Syndicate
Parent Organization
Controlled Territories


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