The Spekter Superhero Universe

The Spekter Superhero Universe™ (SSU) is a fantastic superhero universe that contains several published or in-process novel series about amazing superheroes and deadly super villains.   The SSU begins with the five books of the LGBT-friendly Guardians Series. Guardians is the story of Quinn McAlester and his best friend Blake Hargreaves, high school classmates who acquire super powers through a freak accident. Their story continues in The College Years series, and I've planned a second offshoot that features the super heroine Catamount.   I carefully designed this website to support the novel series universe by providing all kinds of background information about the characters and the places of their world that I couldn't include in the novels. I hope you enjoy what you discover here, and happy reading! Please note, this website is still a work-in-progress.  

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