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Welcome to the The Spekter Superhero Universe™ (SSU) wiki!  

The Spekter Superhero Universe™

The Spekter Superhero Universe™ (SSU) is a fantastic superhero universe that publishes stories about amazing superheroes and deadly super villains.


The Guardians Series is the origin story of Quinn McAlester and his best friend Blake Hargreaves, high school classmates who gain superpowers through a freak accident. Quinn is a mildly popular, in-the-closet gay and kindhearted guy who lacks the confidence to be himself wants to see his friends and classmates strive to live their best life. Blake is an unpopular student with an impatient attitude and short-fused temper who resents anyone who seems to have it easy in life. As time passes and their superpowers grow, Quinn and Blake’s friendship crumbles and the boys must make tough choices.  

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Superhero Age

The Superhero Age series picks up just after the exciting conclusion of the Guardians series and continues the exciting and heroic adventures of Blue Spekter, Helion, and Catamount while introducing new superheroes and villains. This universe welcomes the creative and exciting perspectives of licensed authors who write in this amazing, shared superhero universe.  


The SSU Wiki supports the novel series universe by providing all kinds of background information about the characters and the places of their world that I couldn't include in the novels. I hope you enjoy what you discover here, and happy reading! Please note, this website is still a work-in-progress.  

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