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What we know about orgone-generated superpowers

  • While superhumans have access to a wide range of core powers, they specialize in 3-4 primary powers, several secondary powers, and often forget about the ones they haven’t mastered.
  • Emotions generally trigger the onset of a superpower, and a one's emotional state can impact one’s ability to wield one or more superpowers.
  • A given superpower has one state: Uncontrolled, Controlled, or Involuntary
  • Superhumans can wound and kill each other as they have the strength and ability to do so, but it’s not easy.

Superhuman classifications

Power Rating to Classification calculation

  • Individual superpowers hold a Level 1, 2, or 3 rating.
  • The total sum of a superhuman’s individual power levels establishes their total Power Rating.
  • The Power Rating establishes the classification of the superhuman.
The higher the Power Rating, the more powerful the superhuman.
  • Rating 1-20: Class 1
  • Rating 21-40: Class 2
  • Rating 40-60: Class 3
  • Rating 61-80: Class 4
  • Rating 81-100+: Class 5
At the end of Book 5: Balance of Power, the 4 surviving superhumans have the following classifications:
  • Catamount: PR81/Class 5
  • Blue Spekter: PR61/Class 4 - but much remains unknown as to how the unexpected second infusion enhanced Blue Spekter's powers.
  • Helion: PR43/Class 3
  • Nightmare: PR41/Class 3


Core Powers

All superhumans have varying strengths of these core powers.


Ability lift and move heavier objects.

Regenerative Healing Factor

Ability to self-heal when hurt, damaged, or near-death.


Ability to recover after strenuous physical exertion.


Ability to recharge powers after extensive use.


Ability to absorb Orgonon directly from objects or atmosphere.


Ability to defy gravity and move through the atmosphere, water, and even space itself.


Ability to see long distances with incredible acuity.


Ability to hear faint sounds over long distances with incredible acuity.

Hyper Speed

Ability to move (non-flight) faster than normal (calcs based on normal six-minute miles).


Ability that renders one impenetrable (aka bulletproof) and impervious to needles, knives, bullets, etc.  

Defensive Powers

Superhumans may attain one or more of these powers at varying levels.


Ability to overcome a super-powered or energy offensive attack.


Ability to become invisible.


Ability to become impervious to a range of attacks.

Defensive Shield

Ability to become others from a range of physical and elemental attacks by projecting a force field.

Sensate Location

Ability to sense other Orgone-infused super-humans. (So far, all superhumans display this unique ability.)

Sensate Masking

Ability to block other Orgone-infused super-humans from sensing you.  

Manipulation Powers

Superhumans may attain one or more of these powers at varying levels.


Ability to generate semi-combustible warmth and intense heat.


Ability to maniplate and generate fire.


Ability to manipulate water.


Ability to manipulate ice.


Ability to maniplate and generate electricity.

Perception Shift

A proximity-based ability to shift the mental perception of individuals in an offensive or defensive manner. Cannot fool technology such as photo or video cameras.  

Offensive Powers

Superhumans may attain one or more of these powers at varying levels.


Ability to manipulate physical objects, persons, or things.

Push Away

Ability to move objects and persons away from self.

Explosive Force

Ability to move/shatter objects with explosive force.

Drain Life Force

Ability to weaken a biological organism (requires physical contact).

Induce Pain

Ability to induce pain in a biological organism (requires physical contact).

Hypo Speed

Ability to slow persons and objects.

Parallax Disruption

The ability to target the equilibrium of one or more persons and disorient (stun) them from their surroundings.

Orgone Energy Blast

Ability to summon orgone energy from the surrounding environments and direct it an offensive energy discharge.
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