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The mission of the world's first superhero organization is to, well...  
“We’re the Guardians, here to selflessly protect the world from idiots with dreams of grandeur and global destruction.” — Blue Spekter


During the Guardians series books timeframe



During the Superhero Age series books timeframe

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As Quinn McAlester/ Blue Spekter gathered a trusted following of cilvilians, military personnel, and Department of Homeland Security agents to stop Victor Kraze and The Order, it became clear the group needed a special identity.  
“You need a team name,” Ravone Timber said. “One that applies specifically to the people you trust and one the public can trust.”
Other failed name include Teen Team, Superteens, and   Quinn's father, Aren McAlester, originally proposed the name Guardians for the team when other names such as the Protectors or the The Portsmouth Protectors (T.P.P.) failed to impress anyone.  
“The Protectors just doesn’t roll off the tongue. Besides, if the name sticks, I want full credit,” Daddio said.
  Blue Spetker later revealed the name to Agent Paul Hartman during a special briefing, and later confirmed the name with the President of the United States, despite the objections of Senator Orville Wilmott.  
“You have a team?” the Senator asked, his voice riddled with contempt. Blue Spekter turned and addressed the man. “Yup. We’re the Guardians.
  After the Guardians defeated Nightmare and his army over the Rangeley Reactor Core in Rangeley, ME, the goverment—and the world—began to accept the Guardians with Blue Spekter as their leader.
Founding Date
December 2018
Guild, Privateers
Parent Organization


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