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Rangeley Reactor Core

The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Located in Rangeley, ME hides the Rangeley Orgonon Reactor Core, the world’s first Orgone Energy reactor core.   The orgone reactor's primary function is to collect, convert, and store orgone energy.
  • Collection: Occurs via a networked array of Cloudbusters that absorb orgone energy from the atmosphere. Storms carry the most orgone energy.
  • Conversion: Takes place within the reactor core itself.
  • Storage: Converted energy is stored in specially designed batteries.
  The original sketch of an orgone reactor core:

Purpose / Function

The Order, having secretly developed Dr. Reich's orgone energy research beyond its known limitations, uses the facility to collect, convert, and store orgone from the atmosphere for ambiguous—and slightly nefarious—purposes. The facility was originally built for Project Genesis I, but was abandoned in 1966 after numerous failed attempts.


When the original engineers and scientists who built the chamber for The Order discovered their work would be used for nefarious purposes—Project Genesis I—they sabotaged the final design by secretly rearranging the hexagonal focusing plates in the chamber. The net effect of their subversion drastically decreased the collection speeds. Then, they burned all of their research, designs, and plans, allowing The Order to believe the focusing panels placement didn’t matter. After threatening to expose The Order to the public and their sinister plot, a scheme they were duped into serving, The Order responded by assassinating the entire team.


The core and its control rooms are contained in underground structure beneath the former home of Doctor Wilhelm Reich. The underground rooms include:   01 | Control Sub Level The elevator down from the Wilhelm Reich Museum above, Reception, Storage, Restrooms, Security, Victor Kraze's office, a conference room, overnight accommodations and a locker, a massive workspace and workshop, the modern master control room for the reactor core, and the original, antique elevator that leads down to the reactor sub level.   02 | Reactor Sub Level The antique elevator, the Vintage Control Room, the reactor core chamber, the battery storage beneath it, and the Reactor Core Venting Tunnel.   The Orgonon reactor core's "blue prints":


If a reactor core, such as the Rangeley reactor core, is built underground, the geological elements surrounding it naturally cloak its presence from detection, unlike the Seavey Island HIPS Reactor Core.


The Order maintained a presence at the facility through out the years until the ambitious Agent Victor Kraze willingly accepted responsibility for the facility and with the advancements of modern technology, reactivated the reactor core to design and develop Weather Modification.
Alternative Names
Orgonon Reactor Core, Reactor Core Facility
Power plant
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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