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Project Genesis I

Scientists and researchers of the United States CIA and The Order envisioned the process and attempted to develop the technology and implement the procedure during the 1960s. This effort was called Project Genesis and it was initiated as an early Cold War Era response to the Arms Race and the American-Russian nuclear threat. It was shut down in 1965 after numerous failed attempts resulted in the deaths of too many U.S. soldiers.   Show Spoiler
The program was later designated "1" with a Roman numeral when The Order resurrected the project and designated the second attempt with the Roman numeral for 2.
Parent Technologies
Children Technologies
The process is extremely complex and not fully understood.
Researchers believed they could use Orgone Energy to create Superhumans. The Archimandrion Council immediately saw the benefits and strategic positioning of the untested sciences and invested in the underground structures now known as the Rangeley Reactor Core.


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