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Orgone Infusion

Direct Orgone Infusion

Direct orgone Iinfusion is the scientific process of irradiating organic matter—specifically Humans—with high concentrations or doses of Orgone Energy.   The Archimandrion Council immediately saw the benefits and strategic positioning of the untested sciences and invested in the underground structures now known as the Rangeley Reactor Core. The Order and the U.S. Government initiated the experimental Project Genesis I in the 1960s but it resulted in a number of deaths.   When Agent Victor Kraze discovered Quinn McAlester and Blake Hargreaves survive the accidental orgone infusion at the Rangeley Reactor Core, he, Doctor Amy Madison, and Mother Superior of the Archimandrion Council immediately initiated Project Genesis II.   Those who survive the process become Superhumans.

Secondary Orgone Infusion

Little is known about this scientific phenomenon. Secondary orgone infusion may occur in humans who are unusually susceptible to the effects of volatile, highly concentrated orgone energy radiation in the atmosphere. The area of potential impact typically enricles an orgone energy reactor, but may extend to the boundaries of the weather event during a megafusion event.   What we know so far about those who react with high concentrations of orgone radiation:
  • Positive reaction: they eventually gain superhuman abilities over time.
  • Negative reactin: they experience intense nausea and discomfort.
Unresolved questions from the Superhuman Task Force scientific community:
  • Which humans are more susceptible to the experience of highly concentrated orgone in the atmosphere?
  • Why this human, and not that human?
  • Why not widespread transformation?
  • Why didn’t some people die from failed infusion like the faild test subjects of Project Genesis I and Project Genesis II?
Access & Availability
The process requires significant amounts of Orgone Energy and an orgone reactor core, such as the Rangeley Reactor Core or the Seavey Island HIPS Reactor Core.
The process is extremely complex and not fully understood and cannot be reversed. Draining someone of orgone energy would be like draining them of white blood cells. It would eventually kill them.
Scientists and researchers of The Order envisioned the process and attempted to develop the technology and implement procedure during the 1960s to help mitigate the Cold War. This effort was called Project Genesis I. It was shut down in 1966 after numerous failed attempts.

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