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Rangeley Medical Center

The Rangeley Medical Center is a hybrid hospital and family medical center that serve the small town of Rangeley, ME and summer-seasonal tourists.  

Notable Novel Moments a.k.a Potential Spoilers!

Book 1, Accidental Awakening  
Show spoiler
Quinn McAlester and Blake Hargreaves are brought to Rangeley Medical after passing out on the hiking trails behind the Wood Lakes Campground on Quimby Pond.


Show spoiler
Rangeley Medical includes a secret wing owned and operated by medical staff from The Order. The wing contains a tri-combination of research, treatment, and experimental technology. Though overseen by Victor Kraze, the secret wing is managed by Doctor Amy Madison and her key staff, including Nadia Nyongo, Miguel, and Arik.
Alternative Names
Rangeley Medical, Rangeley Family Medicine, Rangeley Distict Hospital
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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